Market Research Report on Future Potential of Flexible Packaging in India (Present Status, Growth Prospects, Emerging Trends, Opportunities, Demand-Supply, Market Size, Sector Outlook, Analysis & Forecasts upto 2017 with Financial Comparison of Major Players)

 Published On: Jul, 2014 |    No of Pages: 166 |  Published By: NPCS | Format: PDF
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Packaging adds value to products for a consumer and has a vital role to play in a product’s journey from manufacturer to end consumers. It is a key inducer of sales in the wake of evolving consumer needs and preferences. In India and as well as around the globe, flexible packaging solutions have emerged as the high growth segment of the packaging industry. Flexible packaging has been at the forefront since the last 4-5 years amidst growing need for convenient packages among consumers as well as the producers. Flexible packs are a boon for both parties and tapping the potential of the industry, Niir Project Consultancy Services has released a study on the industry titled ‘Market Research Report on Future Potential of Flexible Packaging in India (Present Status, Growth Prospects, Emerging Trends, Opportunities, Demand-Supply, Market Size, Sector Outlook, Analysis & Forecasts upto 2017 with Financial Comparison of Major Players)’. The report provides industry insights like present status, factors that will drive the growth, the emerging trends, prevalent opportunities, demand supply scenario and key player information.

The report begins by discussing the current scenario of the industry and briefing on packaging industry on the whole. Further it moves ahead for elaborating on factors that will drive the growth of the industry. Flexible packaging industry has found its applicability extensively in high growth industries like FMCG and pharmaceuticals. The growth in such user industries is bound to reflect in the flexible packaging numbers. Factors like growing incomes, middle class population, urbanization and surging organized retail in the country will also lend a hand to the sector. Navigating ahead, the report then discusses the upcoming trends in the industry along with the opportunities and challenges faced by the flexible packaging sector. The report classifies factors such as rising government focus on healthcare, low capita consumption levels of flexible packaging and surge in the food processing industry as key opportunities for flexible packaging. Raw material fluctuations and mounting environmental concerns regarding the extensive use of plastics are some challenges encountered by the sector.

The report moves ahead to analyze demand-supply situation in the industry. The demand is captured by analyzing the demand for flexible packaging films while supply is demonstrated by listing the capital expenditure projects announced by the incumbents. The above mentioned data is supported by graphical representation and forecasts of key indicators. A thorough analysis of the industry is incomplete without the key player information. The next segment of the report shares information of players operating in the industry by providing company profiles and detail financial information. It includes company profiles of players like Huhtamaki PPL Ltd, Uflex Ltd, Polyplex Corporation Ltd and EsselPropack Ltd while financial information like address of registered office, director’s name and financial comparison covering balance sheet, profit & loss account and several financial ratios of the players is discussed. The report ends with a positive outlook of the flexible packing industry in India along with its market sizing numbers.

Indian consumer’s spending patterns and product awareness have gone through a colossal change which has contributed in the high consumption of flexible packaging in the country. Rising incomes, mounting health awareness and evolving eating habits of the Indian consumers will keep pouring in growth for the user industries like FMCG and Pharmaceutical and thus willalso keep the flexible packaging industry in good shape.

Reasons for Buying this Report:

• This research report helps you get a detail picture of the industry by providing overview of the industry along with the market structure and its classification
• The report provides in-depth market analysis covering major growth driving factors for the industry, emerging trends and opportunities prevalent
• This report helps to understand the present status of the industry by elucidating a comprehensive scrutiny of the demand – supply situation with forecasts
• Report provides analysis and in-depth financial comparison of major players/competitors
• The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance

Our Approach:

• Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast for a period of five years.
• The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are cross-validated through interactions with the industry players
• We use reliable sources of information and databases. And information from such sources is processed by us and included in the report

Table of Contents

2.1 Growth in User Industries
2.1.1 FMCG Sector
2.1.2 Pharmaceutical Sector
2.2 Rising Disposable Incomes
2.3 Urbanization & Convenience
2.4 Large Middle Class Population
2.5 Growing Health Consciousness
2.6 Surge in Modern Retail
3.1 Changing Pharmaceutical Packaging
3.2 Stand Up Pouches
3.3 Recyclable Packaging
3.4 Convenient Pack Sizes
4.1 Opportunities
4.1.1 Growing Population Base
4.1.2 Government Focus on Healthcare
4.1.3 Surge in Food Processing
4.1.4 Low Per Capita Consumption Levels
4.2 Challenges
4.2.1 Raw Material Fluctuations
4.2.2 Environmental Concerns
5.1 Demand Analysis
5.2 Supply Analysis
6.1 Key Player Profiles
6.1.1 Uflex Ltd
6.1.2 Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.
6.1.3 EsselPropack Ltd
6.1.4 Polyplex Corporation Ltd
6.2 Peer Group Financials
6.2.1 Contact Information Registered Office Address Director’s Name
6.2.2 Key Financials Plant Location Plant Capacity & Sales Raw Material Consumption
6.2.3 Financial Comparison Assets Liabilities Structure of Assets & Liabilities Growth in Assets & Liabilities Income & Expenditure Growth in Income & Expenditure Cash Flow Liquidity Ratios Profitability Ratios Ratios Capital & Turnover Ratios

List of Figures & Tables

Figure 1 Indian Packaging Industry- Classification
Figure 2 Indian Packaging Industry- Segmentation
Figure 3 Materials Used & Industries Served by Flexible Packaging
Figure 4 Indian FMCG Industry- Market Size (2003-17, In USD Billions)
Figure 5 Indian Pharmaceutical Industry- Market Size (2005-17, In USD Billions)
Figure 6 India's Annual Per Capita Income (2008-14, In INR)
Figure 7 Indian Population- Rural & Urban (In Crores)
Figure 8 Indian Middle Class Population (2011-2026)
Figure 9 Population of India (2008-17, In Millions)
Figure 10 FDI in Food Processing Industry in India (2011-14, In INR Millions)
Figure 11 Per Capita Consumption of Flexible Packaging around the World
Figure 12 Demand for Flexible Packaging Films in India (2007-17, In Thousand Tonnes)
Figure 13 Uflex Ltd.- Shareholding Pattern (June 2014)
Figure 14 Huhtamaki PPL Ltd- Shareholding pattern (June 2014)
Figure 15 EsselPropack Ltd- Shareholding Pattern (March 2014)
Figure 16 Polyplex Corporation Ltd- Shareholding Pattern (March 2014)
Figure 17 Flexible Packaging Industry in India- Market Size (2009-17, In USD Billions)

Table 1 Central Government's Plan Outlay on Healthcare (In INR Billions)
Table 2 Scheme wise Funds Allocated & Released for Food Processing Industry in India (2009-13, In INR Crores)
Table 3 Capital Expenditure Projects Announced in Indian Flexible Packaging Sector
Table 4 Uflex Ltd- Financial Summary (2011-13, In INR Millions)
Table 5 Huhtamaki PPL Ltd- Financial Summary (2012-13, In INR Millions)
Table 6 EsselPropack Ltd- Financial Summary (2012-14, In INR Millions)
Table 7 Polyplex Corporation Ltd- Financial Summary (2011-13, In INR Millions)

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