Drone Delivery for Inmates - Fresh Trouble for the Authorities

 19 Apr 2017 | Technology & Media
Drones have been around for quite sometime now and their popularity amongst enthusiasts is off the charts. Courier companies and online retailers have also toyed with the idea and deployed drones to complete deliveries. While all this is quite normal and understandable an alarming new trend has come to light.

For years, inmates in prisons have come up with ingenious ideas, sometimes quite compromising, to smuggle contraband into prisons. Things like bribing, carrier pigeons and even persuading visitors to conceal and carry goods for them. But it seems like the criminals have caught up with the times. Drones are now reportedly being used to sneak drugs, cellphone, money etc by the aides of inmates.

There has been a rise in drones flying over prisons and smuggling illegal items to inmates in the past few years. The issue of drones carrying out such deliveries is worldwide. Prisons in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Greece and Russia are struggling in containing the problem. There are legislations being introduced in the US, to make it class C felony, to fly drones within a 1000 feet of a correctional facility. The UK announced the formation of a “Specialist squad” to tackle the same.

The problem is extensive in the UK but there have been breakthroughs and success in regards to catching the perpetrators. Dean Rawley-Bell, 21, was jailed in December for four years and eight months after being convicted of trying to sneak drugs and cell phone into a Manchester prison. There have been other successful incarcerations as well. Prisons are told to stay vigilant and a new task force against the corruption of prison officials has been formed. Countries are coming up with their own methods to curb these infractions. Time will tell their effectiveness.