Flexible Green Packaging or Do We Say Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Aug 29,2022 | Manufacturing

The concept of flexible green packaging or sustainable packaging has been created with the purpose of having a possibly low impact on the environment, while striking a balance with its required use. The term flexible green means sustainability and the packaging are re-usable, recyclable and energy efficient. Investigating trends and misconceptions over packaging materials helps to understand the future of flexible green packaging. As sustainability has become an important affair for a growing number of consumers, who are concerned with environmental pollution, the depletion of natural resources and climate change.

Consumer goods’ packaging is particularly responsible for environmental pollution, and also impacting natural resources and climate change; thus flexible green packaging is increasingly resonating with consumers’ decisions. Paper and other plant-based packaging materials have seen growing popularity and these are non-rigid materials, which are available generally in the form of films, pouches, bags and cartons. Many industries have also started using flexible green packaging for food and beverage, medical and personal care product. 

This market research report categorized under the Heavy Industry – Manufacturing group on Bharatbook, provides an in-depth analysis of the global flexible green packaging market by materials, applications and regions. The various applications of commercially available flexible green packaging products were studied and analysed to derive specific market estimations. The report features a comparative study of conventional and emerging technology, and it discusses the importance of technological advancements in the flexible green packaging market.

The report also surveys the strategies adopted by major players in the global flexible green packaging market. The patent analysis featured in the report provides a snapshot of technological trends in the global market over time as well as across geographies, specifically, the U.S., Europe and Japan regions. The global flexible green packaging market is segmented based on materials, applications and regions.

Further, the study also includes an estimation of the actual market size and market forecast for flexible green packaging, and corresponding market share analysis based on material, application, type, process, and geographic region, as well as the descriptive company profiles of the leading global players, including Amcor Ltd., American Packaging Corp., Britton Group Ltd., Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH, Clondalkin Group Holdings BV, Crown Holdings Inc., Coveris Holdings S.A., Gascogne Flexible and Graphic Packaging Holding Co.

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