Functional Foods and Beverages Market is Driven by a Positive Outlook

Jun 29,2022 | Beverages

Functional food is described as food that has additional nutritional value as well as the potential to improve health. Functional food, according to physicians, is an important way to minimize disease risk and maintain optimum health. Similarly, a functional beverage is a non-alcoholic beverage flavoured with vitamins, spices, minerals, amino acids, or raw fruit. Functional foods are natural and processed foods that contain nutritional elements as well as active biological compounds that, when consumed in the correct quantity and quality, result in a healthy body.

The exclusive market report offered by Bharatbook, under the Food and Beverage market category studies the global market for functional food and beverages using 2020 as a base year and providing estimates for each year of the forecast period, 2022-2027, with projections for CAGR. The scope of this report is broad and covers global markets for functional food and beverages. The market is broken down by product type, source, ingredient, function, and region.

Additionally this report provides market insights into the global functional food and beverages market, with specific focus on the U.S., Europe and India and the top ingredients in those countries. It provides an array of information, including market size, expected growth rates, market drivers, restraints and other trends and developments in the market. This market report organizes information from diverse sources into a cohesive unit that includes a comparison of premium versus mass functional products, the functional food and beverages value chain and the evolution of functional food and beverages. Regulations are also covered in the scope of this report.

Besides, this report serves as an analytical and informational business tool with the primary purpose of examining growth in the overall functional food and beverages market, growth in the individual segments of the functional food and beverages industry, subcategories within those segments, new developments in the market, current research and future opportunities in the functional food and beverages industry.

The study also analyses the global functional food and beverages market in terms of source, ingredient, function, and region. The sources covered are plant-based, animal-based and microbe-based. The ingredients covered are amino acids, carotenoids, dietary fibres, fatty acids, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients. The functions covered are gut and digestive health, cardiac health, cognitive health, general wellness and immunity, weight management and other functions. The regional markets covered are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and the Middle East and Africa.

It also includes a discussion of the important players in the functional foods and beverages industry, including Chr. Hansen Inc., Hain Celestial Group, Kraft Foods, Nestle, PepsiCo Inc., and Unilever. It explains the main market drivers of the global functional food and beverages market, current trends within the industry and the regional dynamics of the functional food and beverages market. The report concludes with detailed profiles of major global vendors in the functional food and beverages industry.

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