Healthcare Services Go Digital with Global Markets for Telemedicine Technologies

Oct 25,2022 | Healthcare Services

Telemedicine is a method of diagnosing and treating medical conditions through the use of telecommunications networks. Information can be delivered to consultant doctors via satellite connection in the form of digital data packs using a telemedicine system that includes the required communications for medical imaging. Telemedicine physicians can use this information to evaluate patient data and prescribe medications in real-time. This technology has the potential to benefit those living in distant villages and rural locations while also lowering healthcare costs. It improves efficiency by allowing shared health professional personnel to better supervise illnesses.

Patients use telemedicine services for a variety of reasons, ranging from minor to major health concerns to emergency circumstances. Telemedicine is the most versatile technology for providing health education, information and treatment to those who reside far away. Advanced patient-centred treatment and expanded access to remote places are now available because to technological advancements. It also aids in the reduction of ER visits and hospitalization rates, boosting the market growth.

In the wake of the pandemic, demand for healthcare services and technologies reached an all-time high. Telemedicine, chatbots, and robots are all being used to assist gather information, reassure the public, treat patients, make diagnoses, and even create future vaccinations. Given the global lack of hospital beds and healthcare personnel, the potential of telemedicine has been stressed. Players in the telehealth industry are concentrating on developing COVID-19-based solutions to help hospitals and healthcare providers.

Bharatbook offers the latest study on Global Markets for Telemedicine Technologies, which is categorised under the Life Sciences and Healthcare Services market reports that covers the components available in the telemedicine market and potential end-user applications. Revenue forecasts from 2022 to 2027 are given for components, applications and end-users with estimated value derived from the revenues of manufacturers. Also, report includes a discussion on the major players in each regional telemedicine market. Further, it explains major drivers and regional dynamics of the global telemedicine market, updated information on key developments, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities, collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships. The report concludes with a look at the vendor landscape and includes detailed profiles of major vendors in the global telemedicine market.

Leading global players of the global telemedicine market include Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., Cerner Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare.

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