Navigating the Plant Reeled Silk Export Market of China: Growth and Opportunities

Apr 10,2023 | Manufacturing

Silk is a long continuous fiber made from the solidification of silk liquid secreted by the mature silkworm during cocooning. Depending on the food of the silkworm, it can be divided into mulberry silk, sericulture silk, cassava silk and camphor silk and so on. Silk is mainly used in the silk industry. With the global economic development, consumers' living standards have improved and become more and more favourable to products made of silk such as clothing or household products, which has promoted the market demand for silk.

Mulberry silk as raw material, a number of cocoon silk will be held together and reeled into filament, also known as silk. Machine reeled silk is called plant reeled silk. At present, it is rare to see hand-reeled silk, and the silk produced in China and exported are basically plant reeled silk.

According to a recent Research Report on China’s Plant Reeled Silk Export offered on Bharatbook, China remains the world's top exporter of plant-reeled silk. The report comprehensively covers the China plant-reeled silk export market from 2018 to 2032. It includes an analysis of the major sources of export and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. The study identifies the major players in the market and provides competitive benchmarks, key drivers and market opportunities, and also forecasts the expected revenue of China's plant-reeled silk export market during 2023-2032. Overall, the analysis provides a complete understanding of the China plant-reeled silk export market, with insights that will be valuable for businesses and investors operating in the industry.

In 2021, China's export of plant-reeled silk decreased by 32.76% year-on-year to 1,385.29 tons, with a total export value of US$82,310,200, a decline of 19.67% year-on-year. However, from January to November 2022, China's export of plant-reeled silk saw a significant increase of 202.46% year-on-year, reaching 3,590.16 tons, with an export value of US$222 million, up 223.35% year-on-year.

In 2021, China exported plant reeled silk to seventeen countries around the world. Italy, Romania, India, Vietnam and Slovenia were the main export destinations of plant reeled silk in China by export volume. The country exported 449.03 tons of plant reeled silk to Italy, accounting for 32.41% of the total plant reeled silk export volume that year, and the export value was US$28.365 million, accounting for 34.46% of the total export value.

China is a traditional mulberry silkworm breeding country and the world's leading producer and exporter of plant reeled silk. It is expected that the global market demand for plant reeled silk will continue to rise from 2023-2032 in line with the development of the global textile industry, which will help boost the growth of China's plant reeled silk exports.

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