Sustainable Solutions - Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Jul 1,2023 | Manufacturing

Rapid growth in population and urbanization, stringent water treatment regulations, the rising need for new water resources, the growing emphasis on water quality and public health, and the increasing prevalence of waterborne diseases are driving the growth of the water and wastewater treatment market. Furthermore, the growing demand for energy-efficient and advanced water treatment technologies is expected to provide significant growth opportunities for the system providers.

The growth of this market is attributed to factors such high consumption of water in the food & beverage industry, the high concentration of organic and inorganic substances in F&B wastewater, strict wastewater purification standards in the F&B industry, and the lack of freshwater resources. However, high installation, maintenance, and operating costs restrain the growth of this market. The growing demand for energy-efficient and advanced water treatment technologies is expected to create market growth opportunities. However, upgrading and repairing aging water infrastructure are major challenges for the players operating in this market.

Based on type, the water and wastewater treatment market is segmented into water treatment and wastewater treatment. Based on offering, the water and wastewater treatment market are segmented into treatment technologies, treatment chemicals, process control & automation, design, engineering, and construction services, and operation & maintenance services. Based on application, the water and wastewater treatment market are segmented into municipal and industrial.

Based on geography, the high market growth in Asia-Pacific is driven by the rapid population growth and urbanization, the rising demand for the advanced treatment of residential water, advances in membrane technology, environmental deterioration, limited availability of water resources, and increasing investments in water infrastructure by the public sector organizations.

With the in-depth market analysis and trending insights provided on Bharatbook, the study evaluates the water and wastewater treatment technologies market from different viewpoints based on significant segments (offerings, processes, end users and regions [North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World]). The report begins with an overview of the market and the process involved in treating wastewater broken down into sections (regulatory framework, megatrends) focusing on key market segments. It also includes current and projected market value and a general market outlook, along with tables and figures that provide comprehensive insight into the market with detailed company profiles.

The comprehensive company profiles the leading players of the industry, including 3M Corp., BASF SE, Dupont De Nemours Inc., Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Xylem Inc., and Pentair PLC.

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