Textiles Intelligence is a provider of global business information to the international fibre, textile and apparel industry. The company was formed in 1992 as a spin-off from the Economist Intelligence Unit and has customers in more than 60 countries spread across five continents. The reports of Textiles Intelligence contain researched information about developments in the industry - including company and country profiles, statistical reports and analyses of trade trends. The business professionals involved in chemicals, fibres, textiles and apparel are benefited from the reports of Textiles Intelligence.

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Geotextiles and other geosynthetics: applications, types and manufacturers

01 Oct 2017  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Geotextiles and other geosynthetics are used in contact with soil or rock in a civil engineering operation. They are capable of performing a wide range of functions, including confinement, drainage, erosion control, filtration, materials separation, monitoring, soil reinforcement, sealing and stress...
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High visibility apparel: providing protection, safety, comfort and style

01 Apr 2017  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
High visibility apparel plays a critical role in making the jobs of those who work in hazardous environments safer. Indeed, high visibility apparel is a key category of the industrial protective clothing market—a sector which is expected to achieve significant growth between 2016 and 2021 as safety ...
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The world nonwovens industry: part 1-the leading ten producers

01 Mar 2017  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
In this report, the first in a series of three in which the world's top 40 nonwovens producers are profiled, Karen Bitz provides the latest information and analysis about the activities of the world's leading ten producers of nonwovens.For many of these players, sales have declined or remained stati...
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Tanzania: opportunities for the textile and clothing industry

01 Dec 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Tanzania: opportunities for the textile and clothing industry is a 45-page independently researched report from Textiles Intelligence – the world's most authoritative source of business information on the global textile and apparel industry. The report was previously available only to subscribers. B...
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Anti-odour clothing: fresh fashion for an active lifestyle

25 Oct 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Consumers are increasingly seeking active, healthy and hygienic lifestyles, and are willing to pay a premium for products which help them to participate in active pursuits. However, such pursuits tend to be characterised by the generation of sweat and this can lead to the formation of unpleasant odo...
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Medical clothing: beneficial applications for health and well-being

01 Sep 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Health care authorities around the world face the dual challenge of preventing illnesses and finding new ways of treating them in a cost effective manner. Medical protective clothing plays a crucial part in infection prevention and control, particularly for health care workers who are especially vul...
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Editorial: Brexit means Brexit: impact on the textile and clothing industry

01 Aug 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
On June 23, 2016, the British people voted in a referendum to end 43 years of membership of the EU. The result of the referendum came as a shock to many – not least to global financial markets. Within hours of the announcement of the referendum result, the value of sterling tumbled more than 10% to ...
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Technical textile markets: product developments and innovations

01 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
This report provides information on the latest developments in fabrics for automotive applications, fabrics for protecting buildings, fabrics for through-air dryers, fibre reinforced composites, materials for fire protection, materials for protective apparel, medical textiles, packaging materi...
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Profile of Grupo Antolin: an expanding force in automotive interiors

01 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Grupo Antolin – based in Spain – is a leading provider of headliners and doors to the world's major automotive manufacturers. The company specialises in the integration of multiple components and has received numerous awards for its products and services from many original equipment manufactur...
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Statistics: fibre consumption for technical textile production in Japan

01 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
This report includes statistical data and analysis of the Japanese man-made fibre and technical textiles industry under the following headings: man-made fibre production and consumption in Japan; man-made fibre consumption for technical applications in Japan; and production of technical textil...
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The world nonwovens industry: part 2-20 medium sized producers

01 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
This report is the second in a series of three in which the world's top 40 nonwovens producers are profiled. In particular, this report provides updated information and data about the activities and strategies of 20 medium sized producers, namely Asahi Kasei, Avgol Nonwovens, Bonar, CECEP Cost...
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Global technical textiles business update

01 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
This report provides a round-up of recent corporate developments in the global technical textiles sector, including: acquisitions, divestments and mergers; business news; financial news; investments; joint ventures, cooperation, licensing and distribution; market forecasts; and regulations. Th...
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Myanmar: re-emergence as a global clothing exporter

01 Jun 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Myanmar is impressing the world by the speed of its transition from a closed economy to a fast growing open economy. Indeed, forecasters have predicted that Myanmar could more than quadruple the size of its economy between 2010 and 2030. The country was excluded from global sourcing networks ...
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Snow sports apparel: balancing comfort, protection and style

02 May 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Snow sports apparel is critical to ensuring that the wearer remains warm and dry in the cold and wet conditions often encountered on mountainous terrain. Significant developments have been made in recent years to ensure that waterproof, windproof and breathable snow sports apparel products are...
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Home Textiles Update (12 issues)

01 Apr 2016  |  Published by:  Textilesintelligence
Home Textiles Update is an executive briefing, supplied in electronic format. Each month, we include details of the latest developments and business news in the home textiles sector. Every issue focuses on product developments and innovations in the home textiles sector. In addition, we pro...
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