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India Self Balancing Scooter Market (2016-2022): Market Forecast By Form Factor (Hoverboard, Self Balancing Board with Handle Bar and Electric Unicycle) and Applications (Retail, Event Management and Personal Mobility)

06 Jul 2016  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Concept of self balancing scooter is new in India, however it holds immense growth potential. Presently, India’s self balancing scooter market demand is primarily derived from Tier-I cities. The market is still in its nascent stage, which is primarily dominated by international players; howeve...
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India Unified Communication Market (2013-2018)

29 Nov 2013  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Increasing operational cost, growth of enterprise mobility, increasing internet penetration, etc., are some of the factors that are driving the market of unified communication in India. Traditionally controlled by voice based communication, the market is now evolving towards video conferencing...
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India Fingerprint Biometrics Market (2014 - 2020): Market Forecast By Applications (Government, Travel & Transportation, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Commercial Offices and Others) and Regions (North, South, East, West, North-East and Central)

19 Sep 2014  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Increasing security concerns & issues, data thefts, government programs and need for advanced security systems have boosted the market for biometrics devices in India. India is one of the fastest growing biometrics markets of the world, where majority of the market revenues are generated b...
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Turkey Video Surveillance Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast By Video Surveillance Systems Types, Components, Applications and Regions

18 Sep 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Amid increasing foreign investments in Turkey is spurring the construction of both public and private infrastructures. Rising construction sector coupled with increasing security concerns has further fueled the demand of more enhanced security systems including video surveillance systems. The countr...
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Oman Air Conditioner Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast by AC Types (Window AC, Split AC, Ducted Split AC, Packaged AC, Free Standing AC, Cassette AC and Centralized AC), Applications (Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Commercial Offices, BFSI, Government & Transportation and Others) and Regions (Northern Region, Central Region, and Southern Region)

19 Sep 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
As per Oman Sultanate’s Vision 2020, government is heavily investing on non–oil sectors to diversify its economy. Also, Oman government is aiming to reduce country’s oil dependency by targeting on various application sectors. The growth of sectors such as hospitality, retail, residential, industrial...
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Iran Video Surveillance Market (2015-2021)

30 Nov 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Iran’s Video Surveillance Market has been divided into three segment markets i.e. Analog Video Surveillance Systems (Analog Cameras and DVRs), Network/ IP Video Surveillance Systems (IP Cameras, Encoders/ Decoders and NVRs) and Video Surveillance Software (VMS and Video Analytics).According to 6Wres...
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India Solid State Drive (SSD) Market (2016-2022): Market Forecast SSD Types, Interface and End Users

13 Mar 2016  |  Published by:  6wresearch
India is the fastest growing market for data storage devices. Over the last three years, India posted augmented growth in high-end storage devices, wherein enterprise segment being the largest contributor. Surging big data and cloud computing markets played significant role in shaping overall ...
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Indonesia Video Surveillance Market (2016-2022)

23 May 2016  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Indonesia Video Surveillance Market (2016-2022): Market Forecast By Surveillance Type (Analog & IP Surveillance), Software (Video Management Software, Video Analytics and Others), By Components (Cameras (Analog and IP)), DVR/NVR, Encoders/Decoders, By Verticals (Government & Transporta...
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Indonesia Air Conditioner Market (2016-2022)

20 May 2016  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Indonesia Air Conditioner Market (2016-2022): Market Forecast by Types (Room, Ductless (Floor Standing, Cassette and Ceiling Suspended), Ducted (Roof Top Packaged and Ceiling Concealed), Centralized (Chilling Unit (Chiller and VRF), AHU and Others)), Applications (Residential, Hospitality, Com...
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India 3D Printer Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast by Printing Technology, Applications, End Use, Regions and Materials

02 Apr 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
3D printers are emerging as a key growing printing technology in global landscape. In India, the market for 3D printers is at its nascent stage; however offers huge growth opportunities in the coming years. Low market awareness, cost constraint and lower domestic production are witnessed as ke...
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Russia CCTV Market (2015-2021)

17 Feb 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Russia CCTV Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast By Type (Analog & IP Surveillance), Software (Video Management Software, Video Analytics and Others), By Components (Cameras (Analog and IP)), DVR/NVR, Encoders/Decoders, By Verticals (Government and Transportation, Banking & Financial, R...
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India UAV Market (2015-2021)

12 Mar 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
India UAV Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast by UAV Types (Mini-UAV (Low Altitude - Low Endurance), Medium Range UAV (Low Altitude - Medium Endurance), Long Range UAV (Medium Altitude - Long Endurance) and Long Range UAV (High Altitude - Long Endurance)) and Applications (Military, Law Enforc...
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India In-Car Entertainment Systems Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast By Head Unit Types, Navigation Systems, Speaker Types, Fit and Regions

31 May 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
India is one of the biggest in-car entertainment markets in Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, India’s automobile sector has witnessed tremendous growth; however, during 2012-14, market registered sluggish demand, which affected the sales of passenger car segment in the country. This resulte...
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Saudi Arabia Air Conditioner Market (2015-2021)

15 Jun 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Saudi Arabia Air Conditioner Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast by AC Types (Window AC, Split AC, Ducted Split AC, Packaged AC, Free Standing AC, Cassette AC and Centralized AC), Applications (Residential, Hospitality, Energy, Manufacturing, IT & ITES, BFSI, Hospitals, Retail and Telecom)...
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Indonesia UPS Market (2015-2021)

17 Jun 2015  |  Published by:  6wresearch
Indonesia UPS Market (2015-2021): Market Forecast By KVA Ratings (1KVA, 1.1KVA-5KVA, 5.1KVA-20KVA, 20.1KVA-50KVA, 50.1KVA-200KVA and 200.1KVA & above), Applications (Commercial, Industrial and Residential) and Regions (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and Papua) ...
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