Douglas-Westwood specialises in both business and market strategy development, working on a confidential basis for commercial, industrial and government organisations. The geographic scope of our work is worldwide, with associates established in many of the relevant countries. We assist clients with strategic research, the gathering and analysis of market data, measuring competitive positions and developing strategies for the market entry of new products and services.

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The World Development Drilling & Production Forecast 2004-2020

  |  Published by:  DWL
Douglas-Westwood has launched the first of a NEW suite of quarterly products which provide unparalleled insight into global oil & gas drilling & production (D&P); the core driver of oilfield services and equipment markets worldwide. The DWD&P suite provides a granular country-b...
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World AUV and ROV Operations Market Forecast Offer

  |  Published by:  DWL
Purchase both Douglas-Westwood reports and benefit from a £1,600 saving. World AUV Market Forecast 2014-2018 Global AUV Fleet to increa...
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World AUV Market Forecast 2014-2018

02 Apr 2014  |  Published by:  DWL
Global AUV Fleet to increase 42% by 2018 Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecast that the global AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) fleet will increase 42% in the 2014-2018 period, compared to the previous five years. The fleet is forecast to total 825 units in 2018, led by strong demand in the mil...
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World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019

10 Apr 2015  |  Published by:  DWL
Despite Imminent Project Delays, 2015-2019 Deepwater Spend to Total $210 Billion Deepwater expenditure is expected to increase by 69%, compared to the preceding five-year period, totalling $210 billion (bn) from 2015 to 2019. As production from mature basins onshore and in shallow water dec...
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World Downstream Maintenance Market Forecast 2014-2018

  |  Published by:  DWL
Sustained and Significant Growth Expected in the Downstream Maintenance Sector Downstream asset maintenance expenditure in 2013 totalled $70 billion (bn) for the world’s population of approximately 12,800 facilities. Global spend is expected to increase 33% compared to the previous five-yea...
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World Drilling & Production Forecast 2004-2020

  |  Published by:  DWL
The new quarterly issue (Q4) of Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) World Drilling and Production Forecast (DWD&P) has been released. Major changes have been seen in the forecasts for Canada, India, Russia and the USA. Through to 2020 and utilising a proprietary methodology, DWD&P provides data an...
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World FLNG Market Forecast 2014-2020

01 Jul 2014  |  Published by:  DWL
Floating LNG Market Poised for Increased Investment and Activity Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecast total expenditure of $64.4bn from 2014-2020 in its new FLNG market report. Two-thirds of this spend is attributed to liquefaction infrastructure, while the remainder is for import and regasificat...
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World Floating Production Market Forecast 2015-2019

10 Apr 2015  |  Published by:  DWL
Floating Production Deployment Spend to total $81 Billion 2015-2019 but Orders in Decline Douglas-Westwood’s new World Floating Production Market Forecast 2015-2019 forecasts that despite the current low oil price environment, between 2015 and 2019 $81 billion (bn) will be spent on FPS unit...
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World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2013-2017

09 Aug 2013  |  Published by:  DWL
Global Land Drilling Rig Fleet Expansion Being Driven by Increasing Well Complexity and Rising Production Targets Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) 3rd edition of this unique and acclaimed report contains detailed analysis and in-depth country-level data providing a comprehensive view of the land dri...
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World Offshore Maintenance, Modifications & Operations Market Forecast 2014-2018

12 May 2013  |  Published by:  DWL
Sustained and Significant Growth in Demand Forecast In 2013, demand for offshore maintenance, modifications and operations services totalled $112 billion (bn) for the world’s nearly nine thousand offshore platforms. Over the period 2014 to 2018 spend of $672bn is forecast; a 31% growth on t...
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World Offshore Oil and Gas Helicopter Market Forecast 2014-2018

  |  Published by:  DWL
Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecasts $24 billion in expenditure on offshore helicopter services between 2014 and 2018, a 57% increase in comparison to the preceding five-year period. Western Europe will continue to account for the largest share of global expenditure, driven by both the extensive No...
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World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2013-2022

18 Jun 2013  |  Published by:  DWL
The 5th edition of the new Douglas-Westwood (DW) World Offshore Wind Market Forecast provides a ten year view of the sector through to 2022. The last five years saw global capital expenditure increase significantly, however DW predict that over the next decade this spending will level off at ...
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World Oilfield Services Market Forecast 2014-2018

  |  Published by:  DWL
Sustained and Substantial Growth Expected in the Global Oilfield Services Market The World Oilfield Services Market Forecast provides unique insight into the global oilfield services (OFS) market. The product delivers historic, current and future analysis of 20 OFS service lines, providing f...
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World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2013-2017

14 Feb 2013  |  Published by:  DWL
The World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2013-2017 from Douglas-Westwood, considers the prospects for the onshore pipelines construction business and values the future markets through to 2017 by key component, region, pipeline type and diameter. Over the past decade, continual increase i...
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World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017

10 Aug 2013  |  Published by:  DWL
ROV Work-Class Operations Expenditure to Grow by 80% Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecast the market for the operation of work-class ROVs through to 2017 in this sixth edition of the World ROV Operations Market Forecast. Results forecast total ROV operations expenditure of $9.7 billion, an increa...
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