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Euromoney Institutional Investor is a leading international business-to-business publisher, focused primarily on international finance, law and energy sectors. Euromonitor publishes more than 100 magazines, newsletters, and journals as well as surveys, directories, books, and maps. It is a provider of electronic business information through its capital market databases and the internet.

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LNG 2012

01 Sep 2012  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
LNG 2012, formerly The LNG Review, is a comprehensive guide to the state of the global LNG industry today. Now in it's 7th edition, this publication comprises analytical articles providing an overview of the major issues affecting the LNG industry globally in 2012, including factors influencin...
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Global Renewable Energy Map

01 Sep 2012  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Petroleum Economist is proud to introduce the Global Renewable Energy Map, the first-ever cartographic representation of installed renewable energy production capacity around the globe. Detailing production and consumption of renewable energy around the world, this unique map enables you to p...
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Managing BRIC Real Estate Investment Risk

16 Aug 2012  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
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Encyclopedia of Debt Finance

01 Jan 2012  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This definitive guide to debt finance has been fully updated to provide a detailed examination of debt products and extensive examples of the markets in practice enabling you to apply your knowledge. The new edition includes new chapters on DFI syndications. Whether you are an experienced pr...
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Corporate Finance Modelling & Analysis: A Practical Guide

01 Dec 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
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Aircraft Financing, 4th Edition

01 Nov 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
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The Offshore Trustees' UK Tax Handbook

01 Sep 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The UK now apparently has the dubious honour of the longest tax legislation in the world. With constant changes being introduced, often more than once a year, it is hard for even UK tax practitioners to keep up. If you are based offshore, but need a working knowledge of the UK tax system, this...
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Financial Modelling for Real Estate Finance

01 Aug 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Real estate construction or investment requires a high level of expertise in building financial models if the building is to be profitable. This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to constructing a financial model for a real estate development. Over the past decade there has been a...
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Shaping Tomorrow's Marketplace: Investment Philosophies for Emerging Markets and a Semi-Globalized World

01 Jul 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This book looks at the economies of emerging markets and investigates what industries look most promising in which region and/or countries Emerging markets have been around for a while as an investment theme and as such have been off and on the list for many investors and corporations worldwi...
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Hedge Funds: Crossing the Institutional Frontier

01 May 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
ge fund managers....
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Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Notes: Structuring & Pricing

01 Apr 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A CoCo stands for a bond that will be converted into equity as soon as the bank gets into a life threatening situation. As soon as the solvency of the bank drops below acceptable standards, the bonds are converted into equity. Contingent convertible notes (CoCo) made a very modest entry into ...
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Global Growth, Opportunities and Challenges in the Sukuk Market

01 Apr 2011  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This innovative new book is essential to understand how the world economy and therefore population whether through governments or corporations can benefit from Islamic bonds. Sovereign, or corporate, Sukuk (or Islamic bonds) are becoming a wide-spread capital raising tool for an increas...
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Generational Wealth Management: A Guide for Fostering Global Family Wealth

01 Sep 2010  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This report is no longer available. Please find related reports in the Related Reports Tab given above.In case you can't find the report of your interest, please write to us at ...
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PFI PPP Financial Modelling and Analysis - A Practical Guide

01 May 2010  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
This report is no longer available. Please find related reports in the Related Reports Tab given above.In case you can't find the report of your interest, please write to us at ...
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Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Trends Q3 2013

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The Sovereign Wealth Center Quarterly Reports offer expert insight and comment on sovereign wealth funds investment trends and deal flow, in the context of the broader financial markets. These reports offer detailed yet accessible insight in to an group of investors whom have a sizeable imp...
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