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Euromoney Institutional Investor is a leading international business-to-business publisher, focused primarily on international finance, law and energy sectors. Euromonitor publishes more than 100 magazines, newsletters, and journals as well as surveys, directories, books, and maps. It is a provider of electronic business information through its capital market databases and the internet.

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Latin Finance

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor

LatinFinance - Premium

LatinFinance covers banking and capital markets in the region for two decades. It is the authoritative source on debt, equity, structured finance, syndicated loans, pr...

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Journal of Trading

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The Journal of Trading gives you critical knowledge and in-depth analysis of the latest strategies and research in institutional trading, best execution, algorithmic trading, and liquidity. Read about the latest practice in pre- and post-trade analysis and how to control transaction costs. ...
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Money Management Intelligence

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Money Management Intelligence is an exclusive, daily information service with clearly organized news, features, proprietary surveys and informed perspective on the North American pension fund investment industry. It takes you up close and personal with key sales and marketing professionals at ...
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Oil & Gas Map of the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Iraq & Syria

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The first in a series of regional maps to incorporate digital terrain modelling - this map features
  • Mapping: Digital terrain modelling
  • Mapping content: Major oil and gas fields, major oil and gas pipelines, LNG plants, oil refineries and tanker terminals. Key oil and gas pipeline...
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LNG & Gas Map of the Atlantic

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive map of Atlantic basin gas infrastructure on a new satellite derived basemap - this map features Mapping content: Gasfields, gas pipelines, including those which are planned or under construction, LNG export plants, LNG import terminals, LNG import and export capacities and LN...
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Independent Storage Map & Factbook

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
In A5 format this pocket sized book features 64 pages of mapping and data in full colour A brand new and unique product featuring the world's independent storage sites. All known independent petroleum/crude oil, chemical, gas and other liquids tank farms are illustrated. Mapping: Petro...
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Energy Map of Trinidad & Tobago, 2012

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
The oil and gas infrastucture in Trinidad, Tobago and the surrounding offshore areas - this map features
  • Major oil and gas fields
  • Major oil, gas, condensate and multi-product pipelines (including those currently planned or under construction)
  • Atlantic LNG plant
  • Ta...
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Energy Map of Russia & neighbouring countries

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Formally known as Energy Map of the Former Soviet Union - this map features
  • Major oil and gas fields, major oil and gas pipelines, import/export terminals
  • Major refineries and LNG import terminals and export plants, including those planned or under construction
  • Inset map...
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Energy Map of Africa

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive Petroleum Economist guide to the continent's infrastructure - this map features
  • Mapping content: Onshore and offshore pipelines (crude, gas and oil products), including existing, under construction and planned or proposed
  • Major oil and gas fields 
  • Crude ...
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Energy Infrastructure Map of the United Kingdom and Ireland

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
A definitive guide to the UK's pipeline network
  • Mapping content: Onshore and offshore pipelines (crude, gas, condensate, oil products, oxygen/gas products, ethylene and government/OPA), including existing, under construction and planned or proposed
  • Gas processing facilities, under...
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Pipeline Infrastructure map of Europe & the CIS

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Petroleum Economist's guide to European & CIS pipeline infrastructure Key features:
  • Oil, gas & products pipelines, including those under construction, planned or proposed
  • Major international oil & gas pipeline projects
  • Oil & gas fields
  • LNG export ...
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Institutional Investor's Alpha

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
You'll find all the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve as a subscriber to Institutional Investor's Alpha! Insightful, entertaining and authoritative published content about hedge funds, it brings transparency and accountability to a secretive industry. Subscription includes Daily...
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Fund Action

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor

Fund Action (FA) is dedicated exclusively to the U.S. mutual fund industry. This newsletter covers important news and trends industry and is read by all key decision makers and individuals involved in this market.

Topics covered by Fund Action include i...

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Foundation & Endowment Money Management

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Foundation & Endowment Money Management (FEMM) is the only publication dedicated to covering investment issues for foundations, endowments, hospitals and other nonprofit institutions. Each month, FEMM provides top decision-makers at nonprofits with critical info...
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Journal of Fixed Income

  |  Published by:  Euromoney Institutional Investor
Provides technical, sophisticated research on fixed income instruments: mortgage-backed securities, high-yield bonds, government and corporate bonds, and asset-backed securities. Industry experts offer penetrating analysis on fixed income structuring, asset allocation, performance measurement,...
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