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Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 Report Overview:

• Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Therapy Market Overview
• Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Therapy Market Opportunity: > USD 1 Billion By 2028
• Insight On More Than 180 Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapies In Clinical Trials
• Patent Information On More Than 60 Therapies in Clinical Trials
• IMLYGIC, Oncorine, Delytact: Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis
• Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Pipeline By Country, Phase, Indication, Organization, Patient Segment
• Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Application By 10 Cancer
• Recent Strategic Partnerships, Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions

Global cancer immunotherapy market encompasses broad range of applications, in which oncolytic virus immunotherapy is playing a vital role in the overall development. The therapy involves a very basic thread of using virus for targeting cancer cells and to harness the natural as well as destructive power of the immune system against the cancer cells. In a very short period of time, the clinical outcome associated with the therapy has laid down foundation for the over-achieving future of the therapy. The therapy market is estimated to get recognized as a necessity in the overall cancer therapeutics market where old and traditional therapies available are not successful in declining the increasing mortality rate across the globe.

Researchers have been successful in modifying the basic immunotherapy strategy by introducing the benefits of virus in targeting the host cells. Beyond the excellent capacity of the virus to get incorporated into the host cell, the therapeutic introduction of virus in the cancer therapeutics is providing enormous amounts of opportunities which were somehow lacking in the overall cancer therapeutics market for prolonged period of time. The future approval of the oncolytic virus therapy against wide range of cancer types is believed to strengthen the pharmaceutical industry to reach the revenue sales that have not been recorded for any of the cancer therapy drugs.

The strong link of the therapy with clinical pipeline and the future timeframe which is about to justify the applications of the therapy are observed to over-come the challenges which the researchers have been facing in terms of resistance development, off-targeting and adverse side effects. Amid the growth of other cancer therapies in the cancer therapeutics market, oncolytic virus therapy soon is going to deliver significant revolution and growth. The unimaginable applications of the therapy and the orientation of the government bodies towards expanding the clinical trial market of the same is estimated to develop the market as a dominant one for millions of patients who haven’t received any benefits from the available therapies. The entry of the oncolytic virus therapy into the market horizon is estimated to provide enormous healthcare opportunities to the patients who have been struggling with cancer for a prolonged period of time.

As per Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 report findings, the overall appreciation that the therapy has achieved in such shorter time period is poised to incline the therapy towards substantial growth. In the coming time period, the therapy market is believed to deliver promising trends and opportunities for the researchers working in different bio-pharmaceutical companies and research centers, with hundreds of driving forces driving the market through various complications. On the regulatory side, the legislations of developed pharmaceutical countries are also inclining towards boosting the researchers to expand the market applications and drive the competition in the right direction, where appropriate funds for the clinical research activities is acting as the catalyst for the therapy. The unlimited applications found within the therapy and the clinical platform for the same is estimated to move the therapy towards success at an unprecedented rate in the coming years.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Oncolytic Virus: Trail From Genesis To Biogenetics

2. Primer of Virotherapy in Malignancies
2.1 Oncolytic Viruses Towards Cancer
2.2 Approaches for Targeting Tumor Cells
2.3 Viral Oncolysis Mechanism of Action

3. Oncolytic Viruses Immunotherapy Overview
3.1 Stimulation of Antitumor Immune Responses
3.2 Oncolytic Viruses as Cancer Vaccines

4. Potential Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy for Cancers
4.1 Breast Cancer
4.2 Lung Cancer
4.3 Prostate Cancer
4.4 Melanoma
4.5 Brain Tumor
4.6 Blood Cancer
4.7 Colorectal Cancer
4.8 Bladder Cancer
4.9 Pancreatic Cancer
4.10 Head & Neck Cancer

5. Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Therapy Market Overview
5.1 Preface Towards Oncolytic Virus Arcade
5.2 Market Aspects of Approved Oncolytic Viruses

6. Imlygic (Talimogene laherparepvec): Clinical & Pricing Insight
6.1 Clinical Overview
6.2 Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

7. Oncorine (H101): Clinical & Pricing Insight
7.1 Clinical Overview
7.2 Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

8. Delytact (DS 1647): Clinical & Pricing Insight
8.1 Clinical Overview
8.2 Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

9. Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Pipeline Overview
9.1 By Phase
9.2 By Company
9.3 By Country
9.4 By Indication
9.5 By Patient Segment

10. Global Oncolytic Viruses Clinical Pipeline By Company, Indication & Phase
10.1 Research
10.2 Preclinical
10.3 Phase-I
10.4 Phase-I/II
10.5 Phase-II
10.6 Phase-III
10.7 Registered

11. Strategic Partnerships, Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions to Advance the Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market
11.1 Estrella Biopharma Signs Deal To Merge With Blank Check Company
11.2 ABL & Imugene Announce Partnership to Advance Oncolytic Virus Candidates Into Late Clinical Trial Phase
11.3 TILT Biotherapeutics & Merck to Undergo Clinical Trial Collaboration for Refractory Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
11.4 Virogin Biotech & MD Anderson Announce Strategic Collaboration For Treating Advance Cancers
11.5 ABL Signs Pact With KaliVir On Oncolytic Viruses
11.6 Targovax Announces Clinical Collaboration With Agenus For Melanoma Trial
11.7 KaliVir Announces Exclusive Agreement With Roche For Developing Novel Oncolytic Viruses
11.8 ImmVira & Roche Enter Cooperation Agreement For Evaluating Novel Combination For Cancer Therapy
11.9 Calidi & Edoc Agree On Merger To Revolutionize Oncolytic Viral Therapies
11.10 Synthetic Biologics Completes Acquisition of VCN Biosciences
11.11 VacV Biotherapeutics Exits Stealth With $3 Million Investment
11.12 Targovax Enters Research Collaboration With Karolinska Institutet Professor
11.13 Transgene and PersonGen To Collaborate To Evaluate New Combination Therapy Against Solid Tumors
11.14 Lokon Pharma Initiates Collaboration With To Develop Novel Cancer Therapeutics
11.15 Bionaut Labs and Candel Therapeutics Announce Collaboration For Novel Targeting Mechanism For Oncolytic Virus Delivery
11.16 Imugene & Eureka Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Oncolytic Virus and T-Cell Therapy Combination
11.17 CG Oncology Enters Into Clinical Trial Collaboration With Roche For Novel Oncolytic Immunotherapy Combination
11.18 Imugene Enters Into Exclusive Strategic Partnership With Celularity To Develop Novel Combination For Treating Solid Tumors

12. Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market Dynamics
12.1 Favorable Market Parameters
12.2 Growth Inhibitors

13. Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market Future Outlook

14. Competitive Landscape
14.1 AdCure Bio
14.2 Beijing SyngenTech
14.3 BioVex Inc.
14.4 Calidi Biotherapeutics
14.5 Genelux Corporation
14.6 Immvira Pharma
14.7 Jennerex Biotherapeutics
14.8 KaliVir
14.9 Lokon Pharma
14.10 Merck
14.11 Oncolys BioPharma
14.12 Oncorus
14.13 PsiOxus Therapeutics
14.14 Seneca Therapeutics
14.15 Shanghai Sunway Biotech
14.16 Takara Bio
14.17 Targovax
14.18 TILT Biotherapeutics
14.19 Transgene
14.20 Virogin Biotech

List of Figures
Figure 1-1: Demonstration of Categorization of Oncolytic Viruses
Figure 1-2: Illustration of Major Events in Clinical Virotherapy

Figure 2-1: Potential Advantages of Oncolytic Viruses over Conventional Therapies
Figure 2-2: The Diagrammatic Representation of Entry of Virions into Cancerous cells
Figure 2-3: Route of Anti-tumoral Efficacy of Oncolytic Viruses
Figure 2-4: Mechanism of Tumor Destruction by Oncolytic Viruses
Figure 2-5: Categorization Followed by Oncolytic Viruses for Tumor Selectivity

Figure 3-1: Demonstration of Phases of Immune Responses Elicited by the Oncolytic Viruses
Figure 3 2: Categorization of Oncolytic Viruses over the Basis of their Behavior
Figure 3 3: Diagrammatic Representation of Oncolysis Shown by Reovirus
Figure 3 4: Mechanism of Oncolytic Behavior of Adenoviruses

Figure 4-1: Selectively Killing of Prostate Cancer Cells by Oncolytic M-Protein Strains of VSV
Figure 4-2: Proposed Treatment of Oncolytic Viruses for Hematological Malignancies

Figure 5-1: Global - Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market Opportunity (US$ Million), 2021 -2028

Figure 6-1: Imlygic – US Patent Expiration Year
Figure 6-2: Imlygic – Price of 1 Million PUF/ml & 100 Million PUF/ml Injectable Suspension (US$), November’2022
Figure 6-3: Imlygic – Dose for Initial Treatment Cycle & Subsequent Treatment Cycle (Million PFU/ ml), November’2022
Figure 6-4: Imlygic – Duration of Initial & Subsequent Treatment Cycle (weeks), November’2022
Figure 6-5: Imlygic – Average Price of Initial Treatment Cycle & Each Subsequent Treatment Cycle (US$), November’2022
Figure 6-6: Imlygic – Volume Administered by Size of Lesion (ml), November’2022

Figure 7-1: Oncorine - Cost of Single Dose & Single Treatment Course (US$), September’2020
Figure 7-2: Oncorine – Duration of Treatment Cycle by Type of Cancer (Days), November’2022

Figure 8-1: Delytact – Initial & Present Price (US$), November’2022
Figure 8-2: Delytact - Designations
Figure 8-3: Japan – Malignant Gliomas Incidences, 2022-2026

Figure 9-1: Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Trials by Phase (Numbers), 2022 till 2028
Figure 9-2: Global - Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Trials by Company (Numbers), 2022 till 2028
Figure 9-3: Global - Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Trials by Country (Numbers), 2022 till 2028
Figure 9-4: Global - Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Trials by Indication (Numbers), 2022 till 2028
Figure 9-5: Global - Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Clinical Trials by Patient Segment (Numbers), 2022 till 2028

Figure 12-1: Major Drivers for the Oncolytic Virus Therapies
Figure 12-2: Major Challenges Faced by Oncolytic Viral Therapies

Report Title: Global Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

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