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ESG Trends in Chemical Industry

ESG Trends in Chemical Industry

Report Scope:

The report will provide an overview about the global chemical industry and ESG overview for chemical industry. Qualitative insights on ESG trends and its impact on chemical manufacturers are provided.

The detail analysis of chemical industry supply chain with respect to ESG is provided in the report. The detailed analysis of regulation for chemical industry is given in the report. Further, it explains the major drivers, retains as well as trends impacting ESG implementation across chemical industry. The report concludes with a particular focus on the key ESG service providers and includes detailed profiles of the major companies in the market.

Report Scope:

- An overview of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects in the chemical industry
- Insight into the current trends in the ESG industry, growing regulatory guidelines, historical trends analysis as well as a market scenario in developed and developing economies
- Information on the market opportunities and challenges along with the ESG related developments in the chemical industry
- Discussion of factors affecting ESG implementation in the chemical industry
- Analysis of the overall supply chain of the chemical industry and its relationship with ESG
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Study Goals and Objectives
1.2 Reasons for Doing This Study
1.3 Intended Audience
1.4 Information Sources
1.5 Analyst's Credentials
1.6 BCC Custom Research
1.7 Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Market Outlook
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Supply Chain of Chemical Industry
2.2.1 Environmental Impact Caused by Chemical Industry Supply Chain
2.3 Chemical Industry Trade
2.3.1 Trends Responsible for Reshaping the Chemical Industry
2.4 Value Chain Analysis
2.4.1 Strategy to Generate Value From Sustainability in Chemical Industry
Chapter 3 Chemical Industry Environmental Impact
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Regulatory Analysis
Chapter 4 ESG for Chemical Industry
4.1 Introduction of ESG
4.1.1 Increasing Adoption of ESG Across Various Industries
4.1.2 ESG Proposition in Five Critical Ways
4.1.3 ESG Standards for Chemical Industry
4.1.4 Surge in Investment for ESG Services
4.1.5 ESG Investment by Key Players
Chapter 5 Market Dynamic for ESG
5.1 ESG-Driven Modernization in Chemical Industry
5.2 ESG Drivers for Chemical Industry
5.3 ESG-Related Challenges for Chemical Industry
5.3.1 Regional & Global ESG Developments in Chemical Industry
Chapter 6 Case Study
6.1 ESG Case Study
Chapter 7 Key ESG Players
7.1 Key Players Offering ESG Services
Chapter 8 Appendix: Acronyms

List of Tables
Table 1 : Environmental Impacts Distribution Adjacent to the Value Chain
Table 2 : Global Chemical Exports by Region, 2017-2021
Table 3 : Global Chemical Imports by Region, 2017-2021
Table 4 : Top 20 Chemical Industry Players in 2021
Table 5 : Disastrous Chemical Industry Accident
Table 6 : Regulatory Landscape
Table 7 : Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards
Table 8 : Leading ESG Compliant Chemical Industry Players
Table 9 : Acronyms Used in This Report

Report Title: ESG Trends in Chemical Industry

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