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Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 Report Overview:

• Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity: > 90 Billion By 2028
• Global & Regional Market Forecast Till 2028
• Controlled Release Drug Clinical Pipeline Insight By Phase, Indication, Company, Country & Drug Class
• Comprehensive Clinical insight On More Than 200 Drug in Clinical Trials
• Comprehensive Clinical insight On More Than 150 Drug Available in market
• Drug Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight By indication: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia , Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension & Angina Pectoris

The search for innovative solution to the problems associated with the delivery of the drugs ended with the arrival of controlled release drug market in the pharmaceutical sector. In the past few years, the novel and mechanistic approach followed by the controlled release drugs in the treatment regimen has brought great appreciation in the pharmaceutical industry. To a greater extent, the market involves the maintenance of the drug concentration inside the patient within a range that is desired. Along with this the market also ensures significant advantages such as non-toxicity and biocompatibility of the materials used to administer drug inside the patient.

Controlled release drug mechanism has provided novel delivery platform that can be optimized, thus resulting in the generation of a robust, strong and impressive pipeline of the controlled release drugs for the broad-spectrum diseases like cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and neurological affections. Already available controlled release drugs categorized under tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogues for diabetes have been completely revolutionizing the pharmaceutical market by increasing the survival rate of the patients and who have been receiving major toxicity and side-effects due to unwanted concentration of the drug inside the body.

The efforts involved in the development of the market and associated parameters have helped the market to deliver promising results, thus, making the controlled release mechanism as one of the widely accepted and appreciated drug delivery system. Drug developers are now adopting to controlled release mechanism of delivering the drug in order to push the sales of the new as well existing drugs for key indications. Also, diminished side effects, reduced toxicity and maximum precision are some of the factors with which controlled release drugs are getting continuous level of acceptance from the researchers as well as the patients. It is estimated that the advent of control release technology as an important supportive technology in therapeutics sector is shaping the market towards success which researchers and patients were in need for a long period of time.

As per Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 report findings, the arrival of the respective drug delivery market has brought a fundamental change and transformation shift in the pharmaceutical sector as it has slated every limits that were there in the previous markets which were leading to the development of unwanted side-effects in the patients. The market is also attracting several novel patients as the wide applications received by the older patients are expected to increase the bars of the markets with respect to advantages and benefits. Through the analysis of the market, it can be observed that development of safe as well as effective controlled release drugs by the researchers and the clinicians is estimated to provide the market specific pharmacotherapeutic regimens, leading to wide-adoption of the market. Furthermore, the robust clinical pipeline of the market and its impact on delivering the desired concentration of the drug is suggesting high-end future growth in every indication. It is believed that the market will soon explore the hidden applications as the research teams associated with the market across the globe is packed with enough data to drive the future prospects of the drug delivery system.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Controlled Drug Delivery
1.1 Novel Drug Delivery Systems
1.2 Preamble to Controlled Drug Delivery
1.3 Drug Delivery Technology
1.4 Fundamentals of Controlled Delivery
1.5 Basis for Controlled Drug Delivery
1.6 Controlled Drug Delivery Mechanism of Action

2. Controlled Drug Delivery Classification
2.1 By Delivery Systems
2.2 By Technology
2.3 By Routes of Delivery
2.4 Material Based Approaches for Controlled Drug Delivery

3. Global Controlled Drug Market Overview & Recent Trends at Regional Level
3.1 US
3.2 Europe
3.3 Japan

4. Global Controlled Release Drug Clinical Pipeline Overview
4.1 By Phase
4.2 By Company
4.3 By Country/Region
4.4 By Drug Class
4.5 By Indication

5. Controlled Release Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
5.1 Namzaric (Extended-Release)
5.2 Namenda XR (Extended – Release)
5.3 Razadyne ER (Extended – Release)

6. Controlled Release Drugs for Parkinson’s Disease - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
6.1 Gocovri (Extended- Release)
6.2 Osmolex ER (Extended - Release)

7. Controlled Release Drugs for Schizophrenia - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
7.1 Perseris (Extended – Release)
7.2 Invega (Extended – Release)
7.3 Invega Sustenna/Invega Trinza (Extended – Release)
7.4 Seroquel XR (Extended – Release)
7.5 Abilify Maintena (Extended – Release)
7.6 Aristada (Extended – Release)

8. Controlled Release Drugs for Chronic Pain - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
8.1 Hysingla ER (Extended – Release)
8.2 Nucynta ER (Extended – Release)
8.3 Kadian (Extended – Release)
8.4 Xtampza ER (Extended – Release)
8.5 MS Contin (Extended – Release)
8.6 Embeda (Extended – Release)

9. Controlled Release Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
9.1 Ampyra (Extended – Release)
9.2 Tecfidera (Delayed – Release)
9.3 Rayos (Delayed – Release)
9.4 Vumerity (Delayed – Release)

10. Controlled Release Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus Type II - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
10.1 Glumetza (Extended – Release)
10.2 Glucotrol XL (Extended – Release)
10.3 Fortamet (Extended – Release)
10.4 Glucophage XR (Extended – Release)
10.5 Bydureon (Extended – Release)

11. Controlled Release Drugs for Hypertension & Angina Pectoris - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
11.1 Procardia XL (Extended – Release)
11.2 Toprol XL (Extended – Release)
11.3 Adalat CC (Extended – Release)
11.4 Verelan PM (Extended – Release)
11.5 Plendil (Extended – Release)
11.6 Cardizem LA (Extended – Release)

12. Global Controlled Drug Clinical Trials Insight By Company, Indication & Phase
12.1 Research
12.2 Preclinical
12.3 Clinical
12.4 Phase-I
12.5 Phase-I/II
12.6 Phase-II
12.7 Phase-II/III
12.8 Phase-III
12.9 Preregistration
12.10 Registered

13. Marketed Controlled Drug Clinical Insight By Company & Indication

14. Global Controlled Drug Delivery Market Dynamics
14.1 Market Drivers
14.2 Challenges to be Resolved

15. Global Controlled Drug Delivery Market Future Outlook

16. Competitive Landscape
16.1 AbbVie
16.2 Adare Pharma Solutions
16.3 Assertio Therapeutics
16.4 Astellas Pharma
16.5 AstraZeneca
16.6 Bristol-Myers Squibb
16.7 GlaxoSmithKline
16.8 Pfizer
16.9 Sanofi
16.10 Supernus Pharmaceuticals
16.11 Takeda

Report Title: Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028

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