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Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems: Technologies and Global Markets

Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems: Technologies and Global Markets

Report Scope:

This report will provide a detailed look at the pulmonary drug delivery systems market, highlighting major pulmonary diseases with detailed epidemiology for major disease areas such as asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis. The report includes an industry-wide assessment of the novel products, launches, recent approvals, R&D pipeline and blockbuster drugs.

In the report, the regulatory scenario of pulmonary drug delivery systems is discussed for each device type. This will include products approved by regulatory authorities in recent years. Products under development or in different stages of clinical trials are also analyzed.

The report includes profiles of major companies in the market for pulmonary drug delivery systems, with overviews of their key product offerings and financials.

Report Includes:

- 44 tables
- A brief overview and up-to-date analysis of the global markets for pulmonary drug delivery systems
- Analyses of the global market trends, with historic market revenue data from 2019 to 2021, estimates for 2022, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2027
- Estimation of the actual market size and revenue forecast for pulmonary drug delivery systems in USD value terms, and their corresponding market share analysis by type of drug delivery systems, application/disease area and region
- Highlights of the major pulmonary diseases with detailed epidemiology for major disease areas such as asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis; also, an industry-wide assessment of the key developments, novel products, recent approvals, R&D activities, pipeline products and blockbuster drugs
- In-depth information (facts and figures) concerning market drivers, opportunities and challenges, and other macroeconomic forces affecting the global pulmonary drug delivery systems market
- Holistic review of the international regulatory landscape for pulmonary drug delivery systems with emphasis on recently approved products as well as products under development or in different stages of clinical trials
- Updated information on key mergers and acquisition deals, agreements, collaborations and other impactful strategies adopted by key players in the global pulmonary drug delivery systems market
- Assessment of the recent patents published and granted on pulmonary drug delivery systems and related technologies
- Identification of the major stakeholders and analysis of the competitive landscape based on recent developments and segmental revenues
- Descriptive company profiles of the market leading players, including Abbott, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Lupin and Pfizer Inc.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Study Goals and Objectives
1.2 Reasons for Doing This Study
1.3 What's New in This Update?
1.4 Scope of Report
1.5 Information Sources
1.5.1 Secondary Research
1.5.2 Primary Research
1.6 Methodology
1.7 Geographic Breakdown
1.8 Analyst's Credentials
1.9 BCC Custom Research
1.10 Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights
Chapter 3 Market Dynamics and Technology Background
3.1 Market Definition and Overview
3.1.1 Mechanism of Action
3.1.2 Advantages
3.1.3 Limitations/Challenges
3.2 Pulmonary Conditions and Therapies
3.2.1 Introduction to the Respiratory System
3.3 Market Drivers and Trends
3.3.1 Improved Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
3.3.2 Cost Pressures on Countries
3.3.3 Rising Incidence of Asthma
3.3.4 Causes
3.3.5 Reducing the Burden of Asthma
3.4 Market Restraints
3.4.1 Competition from Generics on the Rise
3.5 Market Opportunities
3.5.1 Introduction of Smart Nebulizers
3.6 Regulation and Legislation
3.6.1 U.S.
Chapter 4 Market Breakdown by Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
4.1 Overview of Inhalation Techniques
4.2 Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Marketed Products
4.3 Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs)
4.3.1 Overview
4.3.2 Marketed Products
4.4 Nebulizers
4.4.1 Overview
4.4.2 Marketed Products Overview by Manufacturer
Chapter 5 COVID-19 Impact
5.1 Overview
5.2 COVID-19 Crisis
5.3 Impact on Market for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
5.4 Current Outlook
Chapter 6 Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems in Use
6.1 Therapeutic Agents Administered via Inhalation
6.1.1 Steroids
6.1.2 Bronchodilators
Chapter 7 Market Breakdown by Disease Area
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Asthma
7.2.1 Asthma Attacks
7.2.2 Asthma and Obesity
7.2.3 Mortality
7.2.4 Disease Classification
7.2.5 Diagnosis
7.2.6 Treatment and Therapies
7.2.7 Market Size and Forecasts
7.3 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
7.3.1 Diagnosis
7.3.2 Treatment and Therapies
7.3.3 Market Size and Forecasts
7.4 Other Diseases
7.4.1 Market Size and Forecasts
Chapter 8 Market Breakdown by Region
8.1 North America
8.1.1 U.S.
8.1.2 Canada
8.1.3 Mexico
8.2 Europe
8.2.1 Germany
8.2.2 U.K.
8.2.3 France
8.2.4 Italy
8.2.5 Spain
8.2.6 Rest of Europe
8.3 Asia-Pacific
8.3.1 China
8.3.2 Japan
8.3.3 India
8.3.4 South Korea
8.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific
8.4 Rest of the World
8.5 South America
Chapter 9 Patent Analysis
9.1 Overview
Chapter 10 Company Profiles
Chapter 11 Appendix: Abbreviations

List of Tables
Summary Table A : Global Market for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems, by Type, Through 2027
Summary Table B : Global Market for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems, by Region, Through 2027
Table 1 : Key Products Going Off-Patent, 2020-2030
Table 2 : Inhaler Device Characteristics
Table 3 : Global Market for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems, by Type, Through 2027
Table 4 : Capsule-based Inhaler Devices
Table 5 : Blister-based Inhaler Devices
Table 6 : Reservoir/Cartridge-based Inhaler Devices
Table 7 : MDIs, HFA Propellant
Table 8 : MDIs, Anti-Inflammatory Medicine
Table 9 : MDIs, Combination Medicine
Table 10 : Commonly Used MDIs
Table 11 : Comparison of Nebulizers
Table 12 : Marketed Nebulizers by Manufacturer
Table 13 : Total Number of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases and Deaths, by Region, June 2022
Table 14 : COVID-19 Confirmed Cases and Deaths Globally, by Country, June 20, 2022
Table 15 : Inhaled Steroids
Table 16 : Inhaled Corticosteroids
Table 17 : Inhaled Corticosteroids, Combination Inhalers
Table 18 : Short-Acting Inhaled Beta-Agonist (SABA) Bronchodilators
Table 19 : Short-Acting Inhaled Muscarinic Antagonist (SAMA) and SABA Combination Bronchodilators
Table 20 : Long-Acting Inhaled Beta-2 Agonists (LABA) Bronchodilators
Table 21 : Long-Acting Inhaled Muscarinic Antagonists (LAMA) Bronchodilators
Table 22 : LABA and LAMA Combination Bronchodilators
Table 23 : Global Asthma Market, Through 2027
Table 24 : Leading Causes of Death Worldwide, 2020
Table 25 : Global COPD Market, Through 2027
Table 26 : Global Market for Other Pulmonary Diseases, Through 2022
Table 27 : Prevalence of Asthma, by Race and Ethnicity in Americans
Table 28 : European Self-Reported Asthma, 2020
Table 29 : European Self-Reported COPD, 2020
Table 30 : Leading Causes of Death in Australia, 2020 and 2021
Table 31 : Key Patents, Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
Table 32 : 3M: Key Developments
Table 33 : Abbott: Product Portfolio by Business Segment, 2021
Table 34 : Abbott: Key Developments
Table 35 : AstraZeneca PLC: Key Developments
Table 36 : Royal Philips: List of Subsidiaries
Table 37 : Philips Health: Business Segments
Table 38 : Lupin: Key Developments
Table 39 : Novartis AG: Key Developments
Table 40 : Pfizer Inc.: Key Developments
Table 41 : Teva: Key Developments
Table 42 : Abbreviations Used in Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems

Report Title: Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems: Technologies and Global Markets

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