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Research Report on China's CT Scanner Export 2023-2032

Research Report on China's CT Scanner Export 2023-2032

CT stands for Computed Tomography. CT scanners combine X-ray imaging with tomography to produce cross-sectional images of the human body. CT scanners are now commonly used for diagnostic examinations of the head and neck, chest, CT angiography, abdomen and pelvis. As the global population ages, technology develops, and people pay more and more attention to medical health, the global market size of medical imaging equipment such as CT scanners is also growing.
China is one of the major producers and exporters of CT scanners worldwide, exporting thousands of CT scanners every year. According to CRI analysis, China's CT scanner exports continued to grow from 2018-2021. in 2021, China exported 4,409 CT scanners (referring to X-ray tomography, the same below), up 32.01% year-on-year, with an export value of US$667 million, up 23.24% year-on-year. In 2022, China's CT scanner exports were adversely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. From January to October 2022, China exported 3,291 units of CT scanners, down 4.36% year-on-year, and the export value was US$526 million, down 1.04% year-on-year.
In 2021, China exported CT scanners to more than one hundred and ten countries and regions worldwide. CRI analysis shows that by export volume, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, France, the United States, the Russian Federation, Australia, the Netherlands, and Indonesia are the main export destinations for China's CT scanners. Among them, India is the largest destination for China's CT scanner exports. 2021, China exported 950 units of CT scanners to India, accounting for 21.55% of the total export volume of CT scanners in that year, with an export value of US$102 million, accounting for 15.35% of the total export value.
In recent years, China has become a major global producer and exporter of CT scanners. CRI expects that the global CT scanner market size will continue to grow in 2023-2032, which will help promote the rise of China's CT scanner export volume.

Topics covered:

China's CT Scanner Export Status and Major Sources in 2018-2022
What is the Impact of COVID-19 on China's CT Scanner Export?
Which Companies are the Major Players in China's CT Scanner Export Market and What are their Competitive Benchmarks?
Key Drivers and Market Opportunities in China's CT Scanner Export
What are the Key Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities for China's CT Scanner Export during 2023-2032?
What is the Expected Revenue of China's CT Scanner Export during 2023-2032?
What are the Strategies Adopted by the Key Players in the Market to Increase Their Market Share in the Industry?
What are the Competitive Advantages of the Major Players in China's CT Scanner Export Market?
Which Segment of China's CT Scanner Export is Expected to Dominate the Market in 2032?
What are the Major Adverse Factors Facing China's CT Scanner Export?
Table of Contents

1. 2018-2022 China CT Scanner Export Analysis
1.1. China's CT Scanner Export Scale
1.1.1. China's CT Scanner Export Volume
1.1.2. China CT Scanner Export Value
1.1.3. China CT Scanner Export Price
1.2. China's Main Export Destinations of CT Scanners
1.2.1. By Export Volume
1.2.2. By Export Value
2. 2018-2022 China Entry-level CT Scanner Export Analysis
2.1. Entry-level CT Scanner Export Volume
2.2. Entry-level CT Scanner Export Value
2.3. Entry-level CT Scanner Export Price
2.4 Entry-level CT Scanner Export Destinations
2.4.1. By Export Volume
2.4.2. By Export Value
3. 2018-2022 China Basic-level CT Scanner Export Analysis
3.1. Export Volume of Basic-level CT Scanner
3.2. Export Value of Basic-level CT Scanner
3.3. Export Price of Basic-level CT Scanner
3.4 Export Destinations of Basic-level CT Scanner
3.4.1. By Export Volume
3.4.2. By Export Value
4. 2018-2022 China Advanced CT Scanner Export Analysis
4.1. Export Volume of Advanced CT Scanner
4.2. Export Value of Advanced CT Scanner
4.3. Export Price of Advanced CT Scanner
4.4. Export Destination of Advanced CT Scanner
4.4.1. By Export Volume
4.4.2. By Export Value
5. 2018-2022 China Ultra Advanced CT Scanner Export Analysis
5.1. Export Volume of Ultra Advanced CT Scanner
5.2. Export Value of Ultra Advanced CT Scanner
5.3. Export Price of Ultra Advanced CT Scanner
5.4. Export Destination of Ultra Advanced CT Scanner
5.4.1. By Export Volume
5.4.2. By Export Value
6. 2018-2022 China CT Scanner Major Export Destinations Analysis
6.1. India
6.2. Japan
6.3. Germany
6.4. Brazil
6.5. France
6.6. Other Export Destinations
7. China's CT Scanner Export Outlook, 2023-2032
7.1 Factors Affecting China's CT Scanner Exports
7.1.1. Favorable Factors
7.1.2. Unfavorable Factors
7.2. China's CT Scanner Export Forecast, 2023-2032
7.2.1. Export Volume Forecast
7.2.2. Major Export Destinations Forecast
7.2.3. Major Export Types of CT Scanners Forecast

Report Title: Research Report on China's CT Scanner Export 2023-2032

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