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Research Report on China's Vitamin E Export 2023-2032

Research Report on China's Vitamin E Export 2023-2032

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and is one of the major vitamin species. Vitamin E is used in pharmaceutical, feed, food and cosmetic industries, among which the feed industry is its main application area. With the economic development, people's health awareness and quality of life are gradually improving, and the demand for products such as vitamin E is growing, which promotes the expansion of the vitamin E market.
China is one of the major producers and exporters of vitamin E worldwide. According to CRI's analysis, China's vitamin E export volume generally shows fluctuating changes in 2018-2021. In 2019, China's vitamin E export volume decreases from 75,000 tons to 69,300 tons, down 7.63% y-o-y. In 2020-2021, China's vitamin E export volume increases continuously. In 2021, China exports 91,300 tons of vitamin E, up 30.92%.
In 2022, China's vitamin E exports declined due to the COVID-19 outbreak. From January to October 2022, China exported 63,100 tons of vitamin E, down 14.92% year-on-year.
In 2021, China exported vitamin E to more than ninety countries and regions worldwide. CRI analysis shows that by export volume, the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, Singapore and Mexico are the major export destinations for vitamin E from China. In 2021, China exported 30,700 tons of vitamin E to the U.S., accounting for 33.63% of total vitamin E exports that year, with an export value of $281 million, or 32.94% of total exports.
In recent years, China has become a major global producer and exporter of vitamin E. CRI expects the global vitamin E market to gradually expand in size from 2023-2032, so China's vitamin E exports are expected to continue to grow.

Topics covered:

China's Vitamin E Export Status and Major Sources in 2018-2022
What is the Impact of COVID-19 on China's Vitamin E Export?
Which Companies are the Major Players in China's Vitamin E Export Market and What are their Competitive Benchmarks?
Key Drivers and Market Opportunities in China's Vitamin E Export
What are the Key Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities for China's Vitamin E Export during 2023-2032?
What is the Expected Revenue of China's Vitamin E Export during 2023-2032?
What are the Strategies Adopted by the Key Players in the Market to Increase Their Market Share in the Industry?
What are the Competitive Advantages of the Major Players in China's Vitamin E Export Market?
Which Segment of China's Vitamin E Export is Expected to Dominate the Market in 2032?
What are the Major Adverse Factors Facing China's Vitamin E Export?
Table of Contents

1. 2018-2022 China's Vitamin E Export Analysis
1.1. China's Vitamin E Export Scale
1.1.1. China's Vitamin E Export Volume
1.1.2. China's Vitamin E Export Value
1.1.3. China's Vitamin E Export Price
1.2. China's Main Export Destinations of Vitamin E
1.2.1. By Export Volume
1.2.2. By Export Value
2. China Natural Vitamin E Export Analysis 2018-2022
2.1. Export Volume of Natural Vitamin E
2.2. Export Value of Natural Vitamin E
2.3. Export Price of Natural Vitamin E
2.4. Export Destinations of Natural Vitamin E
2.4.1. By Export Volume
2.4.2. By Export Value
3. 2018-2022 China Synthetic Vitamin E Export Analysis
3.1. Export Volume of Synthetic Vitamin E
3.2. Export Value of Synthetic Vitamin E
3.3. Export Price of Synthetic Vitamin E
3.4. Export Destinations of Synthetic Vitamin E
3.4.1. By Export Volume
3.4.2. By Export Value
4. 2018-2022 China Semi-Artificial Vitamin E Export Analysis
4.1. Export Volume of Semi-Artificial Vitamin E
4.2. Export Value of Semi-Artificial Vitamin E
4.3. Export Price of Semi-Artificial Vitamin E
4.4. Export Destinations of Semi-Artificial Vitamin E
4.4.1. By Export Volume
4.4.2. By Export Value
5. 2018-2022 China Other Vitamin E Derivatives Export Analysis
5.1. Export Volume of Other Vitamin E Derivatives
5.2. Export Value of Other Vitamin E Derivatives
5.3. Export Price of Other Vitamin E Derivatives
5.4 Export Destinations of Other Vitamin E Derivatives
5.4.1. By Export Volume
5.4.2. By Export Value
6. 2018-2022 China Vitamin E Major Export Destinations Analysis
6.1. United States
6.2. Germany
6.3. The Netherlands
6.4. Brazil
6.5. Japan
6.6. Other Export Destinations
7. China's Vitamin E Export Outlook, 2023-2032
7.1 Factors Affecting China's Vitamin E Exports
7.1.1. Favorable Factors
7.1.2. Unfavorable Factors
7.2. China's Vitamin E Export Forecast, 2023-2032
7.2.1. Export Volume Forecast
7.2.2. Major Export Destinations Forecast
7.2.3. Major Export Types of Vitamin E Forecast

Report Title: Research Report on China's Vitamin E Export 2023-2032

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