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European regulation of media and digital entertainment

European regulation of media and digital entertainment

The media and digital entertainment market is still largely impacted by the weight of non-European players, including the Internet giants. In this context, the European Union has initiated processes to support the digital entertainment sector through various regulations, while making user protection its priority. This study aims to cover the different regulatory issues that are at stake in Europe through the recent initiatives taken by the EU, from the point of view of: support for the creation and circulation of European works with the Audiovisual Media Services Directive making platforms more responsible with the Digital Services Act and the Copyright Directive the desired more balanced competition with the forthcoming adoption of the Digital Markets Act and the national taxation systems for digital giants. the major issue of advertising for the media and digital entertainment sector, which is addressed by various regulations, particularly with regard to targeted advertising the regulation of personal data, which aims to ensure data sovereignty
Table of Contents Executive summary 1. An unbalanced digital market 1.1. Domination of the Internet giants 1.2 Repositioning the European industry and protecting users 2. Supporting the creation and circulation of European works 2.1. Harmonising the framework for the audiovisual sector 2.2 Media chronology 3. Making platforms accountable 3.1. Digital Services Act and obligation to manage content 3.2. Copyright Directive and protection of rights holders 4. Fairer competition 4.1. Digital Markets Act and regulation of the digital market 4.2 Attempted tax harmonisation and the GAFA tax 5. New rules on advertising 5.1. A stronger regulatory framework 5.2 Case studies: Amazon, Facebook and Google 6. European Sovereignty over Data 7. Conclusion

Report Title: European regulation of media and digital entertainment

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