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ESG Trends in Mining Industry

ESG Trends in Mining Industry

Report Scope:

The report provides an overview about the global mining industry through an ESG perspective. Qualitative insights on ESG trends and their impact on mining companies are provided. The report provides an analysis of the mining industry supply chain with respect to ESG, along with a discussion of regulation for the mining industry.

Report Includes:

- 1 data tables and 11 additional tables
- A brief general outlook of the ESG trends in mining industry
- Detailed qualitative analysis of the global mining industry, analysis of several factors such as current trends in the ESG industry, growing regulatory guidelines, and historical trends
- Information on ESG-related case studies and an industry overview
- Insights into the recent industry structure, regulations and policies, and the vendor landscape of the market leading participants
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Study Goals and Objectives
1.2 Reasons for Doing this Study
1.3 Scope of Report
1.4 Intended Audience
1.5 Information Sources
1.6 Analyst's Credentials
1.7 Related BCC Research Reports
Chapter 2 Mining Industry Overview
2.1 Overview
Chapter 3 ESG for the Mining Industry
3.1 Overview
3.2 Increasing Adoption of ESG
3.2.1 Top-Line Growth
3.2.2 Cost Savings
3.2.3 Reduced Legal and Regulatory Interventions
3.2.4 Increased Employee Productivity
3.2.5 Asset and Investment Optimization
Chapter 4 ESG Trends in the Mining Market
4.1 Trends in the Mining Sector
4.1.1 Trends in Law, Policy and Openness
4.1.2 Mining Market Trends
4.1.3 Trends in Mining Technology
4.1.4 Trends in People and Communities
Chapter 5 Mining and Environmental Risks
5.1 Technological Progress in Mining
5.1.1 Mining Operational Efficiency
5.1.2 Energy Savings in Mining
5.1.3 Use of Renewable Energy
5.1.4 Mining and Waste Reduction
Chapter 6 Mining Industry and Society
6.1 Social License to Operate
6.2 Zero Human Harm
6.3 Technology is Driving Fundamental Change
6.4 Socioeconomic Spin-offs
Chapter 7 Mining Industry and Governance
7.1 Changing Institutional Culture
7.2 Mining and Corruption
7.3 Relationship with Local Authorities
Chapter 8 ESG Reporting and Ratings
8.1 ESG Rating and How to Read It
8.2 ESG Materiality Map for Mining Companies
8.2.1 How to Read the ESG Materiality Map
8.3 ESG Case Study
Chapter 9 Steps toward ESG Sustainability
9.1 Critical Steps for Integrating ESG
9.1.1 Future Outlook for Mining Industry
9.1.2 Conclusion
Chapter 10 Appendix: Acronyms

List of Tables
Table 1 : Analysis of the Top 40 Mining Companies, 2021
Table 2 : Aggregated Results of the Top 40 Mining Companies, 2011-2020
Table 3 : ESG Standards
Table 4 : ESG Practices for Evaluating Mining Companies and Mine Sites
Table 5 : ESG Environmental Parameters for Mining Companies
Table 6 : Environment Indicators and Credit Impact
Table 7 : ESG Social Parameters for Mining Companies
Table 8 : Social Indicators and Credit Impact
Table 9 : ESG Governance Parameters for Mining Companies
Table 10 : Governance Indicators and Credit Impact
Table 11 : Key GHG Emissions Targets for Selected Mining and Metals Companies
Table 12 : Acronyms Used in this Report

Report Title: ESG Trends in Mining Industry

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