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Industrial 5G deployments Key findings

Industrial 5G deployments Key findings

This report analyses 5G network deployments in industrial use cases.

- It presents the underlying technologies needed to achieve 5G objectives for industry.
- As an introduction, it also reviews current 5G deployments and spectrum allocation.
- It analyses the regulation of spectrum allocation, especially for private networks aimed at industry.
- Major 5G trial and deployment initiatives are described in all major regions of the world (China, Japan, US, EU5).
- The strategies of the main players – equipment vendors, MNOs and industrials – are examined.
- It reviews the main drivers and barriers to 5G deployment for industrials in the market.
- The report concludes with volume forecasts in terms of 5G features, verticals, and for as many as eight countries and three regions.

A database is also provided, including a list of major deployments worldwide (accessible by relevant vertical/industrial sector, key stakeholders, objectives, date, timelines, etc.)
Table of Contents

1. Executive summary

2. 5G technology
2.1. Expected technical benefits of 5G
2.2. Key 5G technologies for industry solutions
2.3. Private networks: definition and characteristics
2.4. Overview of private mobile networks
2.5. Key components of a private mobile network
2.6. Countries expected to set aside mobile spectrum for private licensing
2.7. Main 5G IoT use cases

3. Analysis of 5G deployment
3.1. Global deployments trends from 2021 and beyond
3.2. Key findings around 5G initiatives
3.3. 5G industrial initiatives
3.4. Focus on private industry initiatives in 5G
3.5. Flagship use case overview

4. Ecosystem Analysis
4.1. Industrial 5G Value Chain
4.2. Equipment vendors
• Case studies: Ericsson – Nokia
4.3. Telecom operators
• Case studies: AT&T – Vodafone
4.4. Industrials
• Case studies: Bosch – Fujitsu

5. Market development

Report Title: Industrial 5G deployments Key findings

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