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Leading Chinese SiC Suppliers and Their Development Strategies (pre-order)

Leading Chinese SiC Suppliers and Their Development Strategies (pre-order)

Leading Chinese SiC Suppliers and Their Development Strategies (pre-order)

Executive Summary:

SiC (Silicon Carbide) power devices can be applied in rapidly developing markets such as EV (Electric Vehicles), photovoltaics, wind power, and 5G RF (Radio Frequency), bringing enormous potential. China has also clearly identified the SiC industry as a key industry in its 14th Five Year Plan while several major players have invested heavily in SiC development. This report looks into the development and production capacity of major Chinese SiC substrate suppliers, epitaxial wafer manufacturers, and IDMs (Integrated Device Manufacturers) and examines their future development trends and strategies.

Table of Contents:

1. China's Continued Policy Support for SiC Industry Develompent
1.1 SiC and GaN Development Plans in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan
2.SiC to be Rapidly Adopted in EV, PV, and RF Communication Applications
2.1 Advantages of SiC Make It Perfect for Power and Communication Applications
2.2 SiC Power Devices Expected to Create Highest Shipment Value in EV Applications
3. Development of Chinese SIC Suppliers
3.1 Leading Substrate and Epitaxial Wafer Manufacturers Aggressively Raise Funds for Expansion of 6-inch Fabs
3.1.1 TankeBlue
3.1.2 SICC
3.1.3 Roshow Technology
3.1.4 TYSiC
3.1.5 EpiWorld International
3.2 Major IDMs Focus on Automotive and PV Applications
3.2.1 Sanan Optoelectronics
3.2.2. Wingtech
3.2.3 Global Power Technology
3.2.4 China Resources Microelectronics
3.3 EV Manufacturers Build SiC Power Device Production Capacity
3.3.1 BYD
4. Major Trends of Chinese SiC Suppliers
4.1 Major Suppliers Raise Funds to Expand 6-inch SiC Wafer Capacity and Secure Orders
4.2 IDMs Cooperate with Carmakers to Make Breakthroughs in Device Performance
5.MIC Perspective
List of Companies
List of Tables:
Table 1 China's SiC Policy in 2021 and 2022
Table 2 Production Capacity and Key Strategies of Major Chinese SiC Suppliers
Table 3 Research Institutes Working with Chinese SiC Suppliers

List of Figures:
Figure 1 Infineon’s Applications of Si, SiC, and GaN Semiconductors and Their Characteristics
Figure 2 Use of SiC Power Devices in EVs and Adoption Timelines
Figure 3 Chinese SiC Supply Chain

Report Title: Leading Chinese SiC Suppliers and Their Development Strategies (pre-order)

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