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India Instant Soup Market Outlook, 2026

India Instant Soup Market Outlook, 2026

The new trendy market of India soup market has shown a very healthy growth rate due to its healthy food intake and price point of view. Instant soups are easy to make and have shown the highest acceptance in covid-19. Because of the hectic and busy lifestyles of individuals, Instant or packaged soup mixtures have taken over the traditional ways of soup making. The change in the eating habits of people and the packaged food convenience are the two major reasons for the development of the soups market in India. According to the report titled- 'India Soup Market Outlook, 2025-26' published by Bonafide Research the revenue from the Soup market by the year 2025 would be more than INR 1000 crore.
Companies like Knorr, Chings, Bambino agro came up with wide varieties of soup range. India's soup market has finite players in which Knorr dominates the market. The instant Soup is something consumers are always fascinated to buy because of its different flavors. Currently, the market is consolidated and the top three players account for almost 90% of the market by value. Due to the blend of different flavors with an intake of various fibers and nutrients soup has to capture the marketplace with the term Healthiness. Apart from its standard flavors like tomato companies also came up with trendy Chinese and Italian flavors.
To drive demand into the market and to make awareness Advertisements via TV channels, heavily promoted ad campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and using famous chefs for increasing the credibility of products are initiatives being taken by manufacturers, which is propelling the growth of the instant soup market. With consumers today quickly adopting a plethora of new platforms, retail models, and brands, manufacturers are coming up with different marketing and promotion strategies in place of traditional ones. The new marketing model, for instance, digital marketing, has expanded at a rapid pace, and manufacturers in the instant soup market place are using it to promote their brands. About 71.80% of instant soup revenue comes from retail stores. In the Northern and Eastern regions of India; the spicy taste is more favorable and acceptable like Hot and Sour, Manchow Chicken soup, etc. Likewise in the western region, some tangy and sweet taste is more acceptable and favorable e.g sweetcorn, Tomato soup, etc. With speedy distribution and quick availability of soup, packets can penetrate easily and can be a part of regular meals too.HUL Knorr has come up with 11 new varieties for the consumer like Italian Chicken soup, Cheesy sweet corn soup, etc. Varieties in soup always fascinate people. Ching's secret from Capital goods giving tough competition to Knorr from pricing to flavors point of view. Nevertheless, soup is still a small market and for its consumption to become a habit.

1. Executive Summary
2. India Ready-To-Cook Market Outlook
2.1 Market Size By Value
2.2 Market Share
2.2.1 By Company
2.2.2 By Category
2.2.3 By Demographic Area
2.2.4 By Region
2.2.5 By Sales Channel
2.3 India Instant Soup Market Outlook
2.3.1 Market Size By Value
2.3.2 Market Share
2.3.3 Pricing Analysis
3 India Economic Snapshot
4 Trade Dynamics
4.1 Import
4.2 Export
5 Market Dynamics
5.1 Key Drivers
5.2 Key Challenges
6 Market Trends & Developments
6.1 Clever and Unique Marketing Strategies
6.2 Stress on Health & Wellness
6.3 Changing Lifestyle of Young India
6.4 Introduction of New Flavours in Soup
6.5 Company Profiles
6.5.1 Nestle India Ltd
6.5.2 Hindustan Unilever Ltd
6.5.3 MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd.
6.5.4 Capital Foods Limited
6.5.5 Bambino Argo Industries Ltd.
7 Strategic Recommendations
8 Disclaimer

Table 1: Price & Variant Analysis of Instant Soup in India 2021
Table 2: India Economic Profile – 2015 to 2018
Table 3: Import of Dried Soup in India - By Country By Volume 2019-2020
Table 4: Import of Dried Soup in India - By Country By Value 2019-2020
Table 5: Export of Dried Soup from India - By Country By Volume 2019-20
Table 6: Export of Dried Soup from India - By Country By Value 2019-20
Table 7: Key Facts of Nestle India Limited
Table 8: Key Facts of Hindustan Unilever Limited
Table 9: Key Facts of MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Table 10: Key Facts of Capital Foods Limited
Table 11: Key Facts of Bambino Agro Industries Ltd.

Report Title: India Instant Soup Market Outlook, 2026

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