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Report on the Chinese market for functional beverages

Report on the Chinese market for functional beverages

Functional beverages refer to drinks that are used to manipulate bodily functions by manipulating drink ingredients and vitamins. Functional beverages broadly include sports drinks, energy drinks and other such functional beverages.

The Chinese functional beverage industry sold a total of xx billion liters in retail sales at a year-on-year growth rate of xx%. Retail figures for functional beverages reached a total of xx billion CNY at a year-on-year growth rate xx%.

Some of the largest functional beverage companies in China include Red Bull, Coca Cola, Ting Hsin International Group, Robust Group and Uni-President. These 5 companies together represent up to XX% of the Chinese functional beverage market.

Functional beverages are considered a favorite amongst Chinese consumers as consumers become more aware of the benefits and effects of functional beverages on their bodies, and as such the functional beverage market is expected to reach a total of XX billion CNY in retail figures.

1 Chinese functional beverage industry development overview
1.1 Current developments
1.1.1 Market development history
1.1.2 Development overview
1.1.3 Segmentation
1.1.4 Driving factors
1.2 Market analysis
1.2.1 New national standards
1.2.2 General overview
1.2.3 Regulated developments
1.2.4 Abnormal activity
1.3 Competitive analysis
1.3.1 Expanding options
1.3.2 Pepsi, Kangshifu and Jianlibao developments
1.3.3 Multi-faceted developments
1.4 Industry competitiveness analysis
1.4.1 Company market shares
1.4.2 Trends towards the creation of functional beverages in larger companies
1.5 Market problems
1.5.1 Main problems
1.5.2 Deceptive marketing
1.5.2 Threats
1.5.3 Challenges
1.5.4 The need for stronger supervision
1.6 Development strategies
1.6.1 The need for an industry-wide standard
1.6.2 The need for innovation and quality
1.6.3 Marketing suggestions
2 Chinese functional beverage market analysis
2.1 Retail market analysis
2.1.1 Retail volumes
2.1.2 Retail figures
2.2 Market analysis
2.2.1 Functional beverages as a trend
2.2.2 Retail volumes
2.2.3 Retail figures
2.2.4 Jianlibao’s creation of a mobile platform
3 Chinese functional beverage industry data analysis
3.1 2013-2015 Industry development analysis
3.1.1 2013 development overview
3.1.2 2014 development overview
3.1.3 2015 development overview
3.2 Industry size analysis
3.2.1 Number of firms
3.2.2 Capital size growth
3.2.3 Sales growth
3.2.4 Profit growth
3.3 Industry costs analysis
3.3.1 Sales costs
3.3.2 Main costs
3.4 Operational analysis
3.4.1 Debt repayment capability
3.4.2 Profitability
3.4.3 Operational capability
4 Main companies
4.1 Kangshifu Holdings Co.
4.1.1 Development overview
4.1.2 Main products
4.1.3 Operational analysis
4.1.4 Sales networks
4.1.5 Competitive advantages
4.1.6 Development strategies
4.2 Uni-President Group
4.2.1 Development overview
4.2.2 Main products
4.2.3 Operational analysis
4.2.4 Sales networks
4.2.5 Competitive advantages
4.2.6 Development strategies
4.3 Danone China
4.3.1 Development overview
4.3.2 Main products
4.3.3 Operational analysis
4.3.4 Sales networks
4.3.5 Competitive advantages
4.4 Red Bull
4.4.1 Development overview
4.4.2 Main products
4.4.3 Operational analysis
4.4.4 Branch organizations
4.4.5 Competitive advantages
4.5 Dajia Beverages Co.
4.5.1 Development overview
4.5.2 Main products
4.5.3 Operational analysis
4.5.4 Sales networks
4.5.5 Competitive advantages
4.6 Jianlibao Holdings Co.
4.6.1 Development overview
4.6.2 Main products
4.6.3 Sales networks
4.6.4 Competitive advantages
5 Chinese functional beverage market predictions
5.1 Market projections
5.1.1 Trends and consumption tendencies
5.1.2 Fruit-flavored functional beverages to become a major selling point
5.1.3 Big healthcare and the underlying potential for cooperative business with functional beverages
5.1.4 Development potential analysis
5.2 Market prospects
5.2.1 Soft drink market size predictions
5.2.2 Functional beverage market size predictions

Report Title: Report on the Chinese market for functional beverages

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