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Report on the Chinese Lithium Battery Market 2019-2023

Report on the Chinese Lithium Battery Market 2019-2023

Lithium batteries are a form of secondary batteries and generates power from activities of lithium ions’ movements between cathodes and anodes. Ions are continuously shifting between cathodes and anodes when charging or releasing power as a result.

The Chinese lithium battery industry includes a complete industry chain that includes lithium mining, material supplies and lithium battery recycling, with several leading firms on the market. While there are a large number of battery core manufacturers on the market, only a few of them have managed to generate over XX CNY in sales. The industry itself exhibits traits such as low concentration, a lack of product diversity and price wars which are serving to hinder the industry from developing. Most of the market has already been occupied by larger firms.

Rapid developments have been made in the Chinese lithium battery industry due to advancements in the smartphone and tablet PC industries. The total number of lithium batteries produced in China in 2018 was XX billion, a 41.71% percent increase over the previous year. The EV boom of 2018 was a major driver for the growth of the Chinese lithium ion market.

Lithium batteries are expected to gradually take over the markets for traditional vehicle batteries and traditional batteries. Lithium battery production is expected to surpass XX billion units by 2023.
Chapter 1 Lithium battey industry development environment analysis \
1.1 Industry policies
1.1.1 Industry standards
1.2 Tehnical environment analysis
1.2.1 Technical developments
1.2.2 Development trends
Chapter 2 Chinese Lithium battery market supply and demand analysis
2.1 Industry development overview
2.1.1 Development overview
2.1.2 The scale of key companies
2.1.3 Financial scale
2.1.4 Sales income
2.1.5 Profitability
2.2 Supply analysis
2.2.1 Production analysis
2.2.2 Production predictions
2.2.3 Demand analysis
2.2.4 Market price analysis
Chapter 3 Chinese Lithium battery industry supply chain analysis
3.1 Supply chain overview
3.2 Upstream developments
3.3. Battery materials industry developments
3.3.1 Cathode materials Production capacity Shipments Pricing analysis
3.3.2 Anode materials Production capacity Shipments Pricing analysis
3.3.3 Electrolytes Production capacity Shipments Pricing analysis
3.3.4 Separators Production capacity Shipments Pricing analysis
3.4 Downstream developments
3.4.1 Global downstream demands
3.4.2 Consumer electronics Global consumer electronics shipments Chinese smartphone shipments Chinese tablet PC shipments Chinese digital camera shipments
3.4.3 Electric vehicles EV battery developments EV production and sales figures EV competitiveness Electric bicycle production
3.4.4 Industry energy storage market
Chapter 4 Lithium battery import and export data 2019-2023
4.1 Lithium ion battery imports 2019-2023
4.1.1 Import figures
4.1.2 Import finances
4.1.3 Import sources
4.1.4 Import pricing
4.2 Lithium ion battery exports 2019-2023
4.2.1 Export figures
4.2.2 Export finances
4.2.3 Export recipients
4.2.4 Export pricing
Chapter 5 Major lithium battery producers
5.1 Samsung
5.1.1 Developments
5.1.2 Main products
5.1.3 Operational overview
5.1.4 Competitive advantages
5.1.5 Operations in China
5.2 Panasonic
5.2.1 Developments
5.2.2 Main products
5.2.3 Operational overview
5.2.4 Operations in China
5.2.5 Battery development
5.3 Sony
5.3.1 Developments
5.3.2 Main products
5.3.4. Operations in China
5.3.5 Battery development
5.4 Desay Batttery Technologies
5.4.1 Developments
5.4.2 Main products
5.4.3 Operational analysis
5.4.4 Marketing network
5.4.5 Competitive advantages
5.5 Eve Battery Holdings Co.
5.5.1 Developments
5.5.2 Main products
5.5.3 Operational analysis
5.5.4 Competitive advantages
5.6 SCUD
5.6.1 Developments
5.6.2 Main products
5.6.3 Operational analysis
5.6.4 Sales network
5.6.5 Competitive average
5.7 BYD Lithium Batteries
5.7.1 Developments
5.7.2 Main products
5.7.3 Operational overview
5.7.4 Sales networks
5.8 Bak Batteryies
5.8.1 Developmentds
5.8.2 Main products
5.8.3 Operational analysis
5.8.4 Sales network
5.8.5 Competitive advantages
5.9 Ningde Amperex Technologies Limited
5.9.1 Overviews
5.9.2 Main products
5.9.3 Operational overview
5.9.4 Strategic planning
5.10 Lisnen
5.10.1 Overview
5.10.2 Main products
5.10.3 Operational overview
5.10.4 Sales network
5.11 ATL Batteries Dongguan
5.11.1 Overview
5.11.2 Main products
5.11.3 Operational overview
5.11.4 Competitive advantages
Chapter 6 Chinese Lithium battery industry development trends and prospects 2019-2023
6.1 Industry investment and prospects analysis 2019-2023
6.1.1 Development trends Industry trends Battery material development trends
6.1.2 Related industries development trends Consumer electronics industry development trends EV industry development trends
6.1.3 Lithium battery market segment prospects Seoncdary battery industry prospects Lithium iron phosphate battery development prospects Polymer lithium battery market prospects High density lithium battery prospects
6.2 Industry investment risks
6.2.1 Policy risks
6.2.2 Materials risks
6.2.3 Competitive risks
6.2.4 Technological risks
6.2.5 Product safety risks
6.3 Chinese lithium battery industry investment strategies and advice 2019-2023
Chapter 7 Lithium battery companies client strategies
7.1 Main customer strategies and implementation
7.1.1 The importance implementing customer strategies
7.1.2 Core client identification and confirmation
7.1.3 Core client development and maintenance
7.1.4 Problems to be solved during implementation of client strategies
7.1.5 Marketing strategies analysis

Report Title: Report on the Chinese Lithium Battery Market 2019-2023

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