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Global Robotic Surgery (By Products, By Application, By Region) Market Outlook 2024

Global Robotic Surgery (By Products, By Application, By Region) Market Outlook 2024

Artificial Intelligence has teamed up with surgical robots to aid in extremely difficult surgical decisions. World’s first dynamic AI system have been designed for operating room by healthcare start-up, Digital Surgery.

Global Robotic Surgery Market (By Products, By Application, By Region) Outlook 2024” provides information on the current scenario, detailed market outlook of the global robotic surgery market within market segmentation along Products – Instruments & Accessories, Robotic Surgery Services and Robotic Surgery Systems; Applications- General surgery, Gynaecology, Urology and Orthopaedics. Market outlook for overall robotic surgery market as well as across various sub-segments has been provided for the period 2018-24. Regional analysis is done across major markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The report provides comprehensive coverage on major industry drivers, restraints, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the study encompasses various market specific growth opportunities in global robotic surgery market. The report has been segmented as following:-

Market Segments - Products
• Instruments & Accessories
• Robotic Surgery Services
• Robotic Surgery Systems

Market Segments - Applications
• General Surgery
• Gynaecology
• Urology
• Orthopaedics

Geographical Coverage
• North America - The US
• Europe
• Asia Pacific

Key Vendors
• Intuitive Surgical Inc.
• Stryker Corporation
• Accuray, Inc.
• Medrobotics Corporation

1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. Medical Robotics
3.1 Overview
3.2 Classification
3.2.1 Biorobotics
3.2.2 Rehabilitation Robotics
3.2.3 Robotic Surgery
4. Robotic Surgery
4.1 Overview
4.2 Classification
4.3 Applications
5. Market Analysis
5.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
5.2 Market Share Analysis
5.2.1 Market Share by Components
5.2.2 Market Share by Type of Robot
5.2.3 Market Share by Application
5.2.4 Market Share by Region
6. Market Segmentation
6.1 By Products
6.1.1 Instruments and Accessories
6.1.2 Robotic Surgery Services
6.1.3 Robotic Surgery Systems
6.2 By Application
6.2.1 General Surgery
6.2.2 Gynaecology
6.2.3 Urology
6.2.4 Orthopaedics
7. Regional Analysis
7.1 North America
7.1.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
7.1.2 Market Share by Brands
7.1.3 The US
7.2 Asia Pacific
7.2.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
7.2.2 Market Share by Brands
7.3 Europe
7.3.1 Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
8. Market Dynamics
8.1 Industry Trends & Developments
8.1.1 Advent of Surgical Nanorobots
8.1.2 AI-Assisted Robotic Surgery
8.1.3 Mergers & Acquisitions
8.2 Growth Drivers
8.2.1 Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
8.2.2 Higher Healthcare Expenditure
8.2.3 Increasing Geriatric Population
8.2.4 Rise in Demand for Minimally Invasive Surgeries
8.3 Challenges
8.3.1 High Initial Costs
8.3.2 Strict Regulatory Compliance
8.3.3 Lack of Trained Workforce
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1 Comparative Analysis
9.2 Market Share Analysis
10. Company Profiles
10.1 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
10.2 Stryker Corporation
10.3 Accuray, Inc.
10.4 Medrobotics Corporation

Report Title: Global Robotic Surgery (By Products, By Application, By Region) Market Outlook 2024

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