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Leveraging AI to maximize India’s Agricultural output

Leveraging AI to maximize India’s Agricultural output

Agriculture plays a huge role in shaping the national economy by contributing ~16% to India’s GDP with 44% of the total workforce employed in it. Despite being an agrarian economy and a top producer and exporter of several agricultural commodities, India faces multiple challenges.However, the increased government support, growing AgriTech providers, start-up ecosystem and rising digital adoption among rural farming population is providing a strong transformation impetus to the Indian agriculture sector. The objective of this report is to uncover opportunities for the Indian agricultural sector by leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

1. How is the Indian agriculture sector transforming?
- Agriculture sector in India: opportunities and challenges
- Role of AI in agricultural transformation
- The Netherlands’ journey in achieving sustainable agriculture
- AI ecosystem in agriculture

2. Where should the Indian agricultural sector start its AI journey?
- Challenges in this sector across value chain
- Starting the AI journey
- Prioritizing AI opportunities

3. What are the government, provider and enterprise side dynamics in agriculture AI ecosystem?
- AI ecosystem overview
• Role of government bodies in the agricultural ecosystem
• Provider perspective: Product technology companies
• Provider perspective: AI start-ups
- Agriculture ecosystem collaborations

4. Agriculture enterprise: Perception of AI in agriculture

5. How can agriculture enterprises move up the AI value curve?

6. How can NASSCOM’s CoE for ‘Data Science and Artificial Intelligence’ help?

Report Title: Leveraging AI to maximize India’s Agricultural output

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