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Future Of Technology Services - Winning In This Decade

Future Of Technology Services - Winning In This Decade

The technology services industry is changing faster than ever as enterprises scramble to keep up the innovation, competitors and changing needs of customers. In this shifting global marketplace, each player in the industry will need to navigate the landscape carefully as operating models change, fast moving, well-funded competitors appear from unexpected directions, cutting-edge talent becomes hard to find, regional power centers rise, and governments impose new regulations and ramp up investments in technology.
This report takes a mid-to long-term view to illuminate these and other trends and provides insights into how to create impact and sustain growth in ever changing marketplace. The report highlights the tectonic shifts in the technology services landscape that will play out over this decade. The report highlights key trends in technology services demand and supply and their implications for providers, including opportunities and a call to action for key stakeholders.
1. A decade of remarkable growth—and challenges ahead
2. Five megatrends are likely to shape the next decade 3. Enterprise RADAR: Technology demand on the rise
4. Competition RADAR: Powerful supply-side trends will disrupt the industry
5. Technology service providers have extraordinary opportunities
6. Indian technology services: Accelerating growth in a new world
7. The promise of a brighter future

Report Title: Future Of Technology Services - Winning In This Decade

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