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2021 Micro LED Market Trend

2021 Micro LED Market Trend

Micro LED applications were initially focused on development from both large and small extremes: large displays as represented by CLEDIS and Micro displays as represented by the Apple Watch, but application development is now diversifying. Micro LED displays need to compete with LCD and OLED display technologies in traditional display applications, but Micro LEDs are expected to be expensive in terms of cost, and there is a need to justify the additional cost with improved performance. There is market potential for value-added applications such as transparent and flexible displays.

The main potential value of Micro LED can be embodied in three aspects: first, the flexible shape; second, the high transparency; and third, the small size of the chip, which allows more space for sensors. For consumers, Micro LEDs are only an image, and it will be necessary to find and express more embodied value.

Micro LED displays are still in the introduction phase and the technology is not yet mature.
2021 Micro LED Market Trend

Chapter 1 Micro LED Market Trend
1.1 Micro LED Market Background
1.2 Applications Overview
1.3 Current Status of Alliances
1.4 Digital Transformation and Display
1.5 Mini LED on the market as a core technology

Chapter 2 Micro LED Technology Trend
2.1 Technology Platform Overview
2.2 Pick and Place
2.3 Laser Transfer and other mass transfer approaches
2.4 Monolithic Integration
2.5 Monolithic and Color Conversion
2.6 Inspection
2.7 Repair
2.8 Bondings

Chapter 3 Analysis by MicroLED/MiniLED Application
3.1 Large Display
3.2 TV
3.3 Wearable
3.4 Notebook/Tablet
3.5 Smartphone
3.6 Automotive
3.7 Emerging Applications

Chapter 4 Supply Chain
4.1 Micro LED and Industry Segment
4.2 Mini LED and Industry Segment

Chapter 5 Competitive Environment Analysis
5.1 Analysis of Major Market Entrants
5.1.1) Konka
5.1.2) PlayNitride
5.1.3) Samsung
5.1.4) Sanan
5.1.5) Ennostar
5.1.6) Sony
5.2 Competitive Leadership Mapping

Chapter 6. Market Scale Projection

Chapter 7. Micro LED and Marketing Strategy
7.1 Marketing 5.0 and Digital Experience
7.2 Mobility and Display
7.3 Consideration on Marketing Strategy

Chapter 8. Conclusion

List of Tables and Figures
Global Display Market Shipment Forecast
Micro LED Display Application Overview
Trends in related companies, current status of alliances
Wearable market is the key
Micro LED Current Cost and Future Cost Analysis
Diversified Mass Transfer Technology
Micro LED and Inspection
5G Smartphone Shipment Forecast
Micro LED Ecosystem
Mini LED Ecosystem
Competitiveness Environment Analysis
Micro LED Chip Market Forecast by Application (Million USD)
Mini LED Chip Market for Back Lit Forecast by Application (Million USD)

Report Title: 2021 Micro LED Market Trend

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