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2021 China 5G & 6G Market Trend

2021 China 5G & 6G Market Trend

The scale of the 5G market is expected to be more than 1 trillion dollars per year on a global scale. In this context, China is embarking on the construction of a large-scale telecommunications network and is expected to become a huge market. Having already benefited from the ultra-broadband network access provided by 4G, China sees 5G as a technology that will dramatically change the way people live and work.

COVID-19 has forced people to change their lifestyles, and the importance of 5G deployment has been highlighted again. The Chinese government is rushing to expand the coverage area of 5G, both to build a robust and stress-free network and to revitalize the Chinese economy. More importantly, 5G is beginning to be seen as a process of transition to 6G, and technological evolution is occurring at an ongoing pace.
2021 China 5G & 6G Market Trend

Chapter 1 China 5G Market Summary
1.1 China 5G Market Background
1.2 Applications Overview
1.3 Current Status of Telecom Carrier
1.4 Integrated Cloud Network
1.5 Digital Transformation and Smart City

Chapter 2 China 5G Market Trend
2.1 5G Base Station Market
2.2 5G Device Market
2.3 5G Service Market

Chapter 3 Applications
3.1 Smart Home
3.2 Autonomous Car
3.3 Smart City
3.4 Industrial IoT
3.5 Smart Agriculture

Chapter 4 Components and Materials
4.1 Base Station Concept for the 5G Era
4.2 Antenna Concept for the 5G Era
4.3 5G Massive MIMO
4.4 Cloud Small Cell
4.4 Open RAN
4.5 PCB and CCL
4.6 Antenna Components and Materials
4.7 Required Material Properties
4.8 Plastic Molding and Secondary Processes
4.9 Shengyi Technology

Chapter 5 Market Value Forecast
5.1 5G Base Station
5.2 5G Smartphone
5.3 5G Service
5.4 5G Antenna
5.5 The Chinese Market from the Perspective of the Global Market

Chapter 6 Competitive Environment Analysis

Chapter 7 6G
7.1 Use Case
7.2 6G Material Development
7.3 6G Road Map

Chapter 8 Conclusion

List of Tables and Figures
Number of 5G Macro Base Station Construction
Type of Base Station in 5G Era
China 5G Smartphone Shipments
China 5G Base Station Market (Million USD)
China 5G Base Station Antenna Market (Million USD)
China 5G Smartphone Antenna Market (Million USD)
China Base Station Market Share in 2020

Report Title: 2021 China 5G & 6G Market Trend

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