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2021 In-Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Market Trend

2021 In-Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Market Trend

In recent years, the environment surrounding the automobile industry has changed drastically. The rise of ride-hailing services and ride-sharing markets is about to change consumer awareness of cars, and global vehicle sales have been declining in recent years. In this context, the goal of the EV market is not simply to replace gasoline-powered vehicles but to enhance consumer convenience in a smarter way that matches the changing lifestyles of consumers. For example, companies promoting EVs are also working on automated driving, which constitutes the background of the trend.

Despite the chaotic global situation, the development of the industry is not stopping but accelerating. In July 2021, the European Commission set a new target of reducing CO2 emissions from new cars by 100% by 2035. The demand for EV batteries is increasing rapidly on a global scale and the automotive industry is about to embody one of the largest industrial transformations of the 21st century.

This report analyzes from a wide range of perspectives, including market updates on the efforts of related companies, differences in approaches to batteries in Europe and China, battery technology trends, charging stations, and the status of recycling and reuse efforts.
2021 In-Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Market Trend

1 Chapter 1 Global EV Market Trends
1.1 What the electrification of automobiles will bring
1.2 Trends in EV Regulations
1.3 EV passenger car market
1.4 Electric truck and bus market
1.4 Electric truck and bus market
1.5 Electric off-highway vehicle market
1.6 Smart city and the Chinese market

Chapter 2 Global EV battery market trends
2.1 EV battery technology
2.2 Battery packs
2.3 BMS
2.4 Charging stations
2.5 Battery as a Service

Chapter 3 Update on EV and EV battery manufacturer initiatives
3.1 Tesla
3.2 Volkswagen
3.3 General Motors
3.4 NIO
3.5 CATL
3.6 Northvolt

Chapter 4 EV Battery Component Market Trends
4.1 Cathode materials
4.2 Anode materials
4.3 Electrolyte
4.4 Separator

Chapter 5 Trends in recycling and reuse of automotive batteries
5.1 Electrification plans and recycling in the U.S.
5.2 Proposed battery regulations being discussed in Europe
5.3 Laws and regulations related to automotive LiB recycling and reuse in China
5.4 Case studies
5.5 Analysis of recycling and reuse schemes
5.6 Bottleneck analysis

Chapter 6. Market scale analysis
6.1 EV market
6.2 EV battery market
6.3 EV battery recycling and reuse market

Chapter 7. Analysis by country
7.1 China
7.2 Norway
7.3 Germany
7.4 United Kingdom
7.5 United States
7.6 Japan
7.7 India
7.8 Others

Chapter 8. Summary

List of Tables and Figures
Global EV Sales Forecast
China 2021 NEV Sales from January to June
Gasoline Vehicle Van Plan
Battery Production Plans in Europe
EV Battery Demand (GWh)
EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Market (Million USD)
China New Cars Sales Forecast

Report Title: 2021 In-Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Market Trend

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