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US Agricultural Drone Market: Current Scenario and Forecast (2019-2025)

US Agricultural Drone Market: Current Scenario and Forecast (2019-2025)

The United States Agriculture drone market is segmented based on drone type (fixed wing, multirotor and hybrid), application (field mapping, crop spraying, agricultural photography, crop monitoring, soil monitoring, weather tracking & forecasting and livestock monitoring) and are the major focus areas considered while analyzing and defining the penetration of agriculture drone technology in United States. Under the drone type segment, in 2018, the fixed-wing drone dominated the United States agriculture drone market with a maximum share in terms of revenue. Based on estimation, the segment occupied 47.2% share. However, the strengthening agriculture attributed to surging big data and advantages offered by fixed-wing drones in agriculture domain is anticipated to register the CAGR of 6.85% over the forecast period (2019-2025). While hybrid drones are anticipated to register the highest CAGR of 17.99% over the period.

Precision agriculture is one of the systematic approaches to farming. It is an integrated crop management system that purposes to match the amount and the kind of inputs required by the crop for small areas within a farm field. It is also known as satellite farming and site-specific crop management. The technology automates the agricultural cultivation and eliminates the need for manual efforts. Various technologies in precision agriculture support the farmers in collecting precise information regarding planting, crop fertilizing and harvesting. In addition, uncertain & changing weather conditions accredited to surging global warming have led to the adoption of precision agriculture technology which also results in enhancing productivity and crop yield. Real-time monitoring and information sharing through mobile applications and smartphones along with growing preference for telematics technology are further expected to flourish the market potential across the globe in near future.

Considering one of the precision agriculture technology, agriculture drones have become a critical solution owing to the exponential increase in food demand, along with closer collaboration between governments, tech leaders, and industry. Drones can assist farmers in a range of tasks from analysis and planning, to the actual planting of crops, and the subsequent monitoring of fields to ascertain health and growth. As farms become larger and more efficient to meet this escalating demand, drones have proved themselves as invaluable in precisely managing a farm’s vital operations. It has been estimated that approximately 27720 agriculture drones in United States were accounted in 2018 which are expected to reach 71400 agriculture drones by 2022 showcasing tremendous CAGR of 26.7% over the forecast period (2018-2022).

Obsolete traditional methods, the increasing shortage of food supply to cater to the ever-growing population has substantially catalyzed the market penetration of agriculture drones in United States. Considerable adoption of various smart devices in agriculture ranging from agricultural drones, robotics, sensors, GPS receivers to yield monitors has proliferated the industry growth over the recent years. Moreover, increasing investments by various established players along with numerous start-ups have remarkably scaled up the potential for the industry further leading to numerous farmers adopting such advanced technologies into their crop cultivation. Moreover, in 2018, crop spraying application in agriculture drone held a prominent share of 27%, followed by field mapping. The crop spraying market in United States was evaluated at US$ 19.45 million in 2018 and is projected to witness astonishing CAGR of 10.40% during the forecast period. In addition, field mapping held 18.3% market share in the respective market on account of surging demand for precision agriculture over the years. Hence, the segment garnered revenue of US$ 13.23 million in 2018.

To conclude, agriculture drone technologies in the United States are being adopted by farmers at a very accelerating pace. It has been observed that the market size as well as adoption rates are reaching all-time highs at global scale and do not show any sign of slow down. Ranging from variable rate technologies to field monitoring, the advanced technology aims to offer end to end solutions in agriculture sector across the world. United States agriculture drone market-derived revenue of US$ 72.10 million in 2018 and is expected to fetch US$ 144.8 million by 2025 displaying reasonable CAGR of 9.96% over the forecast period (2019-2025).

Also, for better understanding of the overall adoption rate of agriculture drone technology in the United States market, detailed analysis has been done for different regions including Mid-West, North East, West and South Based on the estimation, Mid-West dominated the United States Agriculture drone market, accounting for revenue share of 62.9% in 2018. On account of strong government support to increase the agriculture production, availability of supporting infrastructure as well as gaining prominence of smart and precision farming methods have significantly fostered the regional market. Moreover, more than 25,000 farmers using IoT in US paired with increased deployment of advanced agriculture solutions both in United States along with small farms steadily increasing investment in precision and smart farming methods to raise farm productivity have tremendously boosted United States Agriculture Drone Market.

Numerous companies have earmarked their presence in the United States agriculture drone market. With a continued focus on product expansions, investments, business expansion, product launches and collaborations. They continue to offer wide range of smart farm devices inclusive of agriculture drones that cater to farm needs and further result in enhanced crop productivity and optimum utilization of resources. With an objective to stimulate the overall adoption of agriculture drones across United States, these players have adopted various strategies to enhance the penetration of modern agriculture practices comprising of agriculture drones. An influx of emerging players and intense competition has significantly fostered the growth of United States agriculture drone market. Some of the major players operating in the agriculture drone market of the country include AeroVironment Inc, Trimble Inc, AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc., Precision Hawk, Senetra, Drone Deploy, Deveron, DJI, Intel, and John Deere Company among others. 

United States agriculture drone market generated revenue of US$ 72.10 million in 2018. The technology is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.96% during the forecast period to reach a market valuation of US$ 144.80 million by 2025. Mid-West dominated the United States agriculture drone market, accounting for a revenue share of 64.3% in 2018.
1.1Market Definition16
1.2Objective of the Study16
1.5Currency used in the Report17
1.6Scope of the United States Agriculture Drone Market Study17
2.1Research Methodology for the United States Agriculture Drone Market Study18
2.1.1Main objective of the United States Agriculture Drone Market Study19
5.1.1Potential Benefits and Value Addition:28
5.1.2Agriculture Drone Developments in Recent Years in the United States:29
5.2Market Dynamics29
5.2.1Market Trend & Drivers29 benefits of Agricultural Drones in Precision Agriculture29 Demand for Food owing to Surging Population31 facts about Nutrition, Farming, and Crop Varieties in the United States31 Getting Stronger with Big Data33 Research & Development Investments34
5.2.2Market Challenges35 of Internet Connectivity in Rural Areas35 Initial Costs of Purchase36 Parameters37
5.2.3Market Opportunities38 application of Telematics in Agriculture38 Job Opportunities40
6.1General Overview42
6.1.1Data Privacy Concerns in the United States42
6.1.2Estimations are done by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)44
6.1.3Legal Framework in respect to Agricultural Drones in the United States44
7.1Demand Side Analysis46
7.1.1Facts about Consumption patterns in the United States:47
7.2Supply Side Analysis48
7.2.1Key Facts on Commercial Drones in the United States51
7.2.2Top Partnerships51
7.2.3Top Mergers & Acquisitions55
7.2.4Top Funding56 Investments Undertaken in Drone Technology in the United States57 Aviation–eVTOL Still in Focus57 Hawk57–Automate57 Deploy57
7.2.5Top Business Expansion59
7.2.6Top Product Launches60 Funded Drone Start-up’s (US$ million)66
7.2.7Top Start-ups under Agriculture Drone Technology in United States66
8.1Value Chain Analysis69
9.2Things to Consider Before Developing Drone Solutions in Agriculture72
9.2.1Determining Goals72
9.2.2Studying the Legislation72
9.2.3Deciding on the Drone Hardware72
9.2.4Selecting the Type of Drone Software73
9.2.5Developing Custom-Made Drone Software73
9.3Business Impact of Agriculture Drones73
9.3.2Input Application73
10.1Case Study: NorthStar Robotics75
10.1.1Problem Faced75
10.2Case Study: Prairie Robotics76
10.2.1Problem Faced76
11.1General Overview78
11.1.1Fixed-wing Drone80 to Fly Fixed Wing Agriculture Drone81 Site Up to 2.6X Faster81 Labor costs by up to US$385 Per Mission81 2X more projects per week82 remote sites within a 5X larger fight radius82 Corridors up to 3X Longer83
11.1.2Multi-Rotor Drone84
11.1.3Hybrid Drone85
12.1General Overview87
12.1.1Field Mapping88
12.1.2Agriculture Photography89 Example: Agriculture: Early Plant Disease Detection89 from Multispectral Imaging has the following benefits:90
12.1.3Crop Spraying91
12.1.4Crop Monitoring92
12.1.5Soil Monitoring93 Sensors Installed in Agriculture Drones94 Sensors94 Sensors94
12.1.6Other Applications95 Rate Technology95 Monitoring95 Tracking and Forecasting96 Features of Ag Premium Weather:97
13.1United States Agriculture Drone Market98
13.1.1Adoption of Precision Agriculture in United States in Corn and Soybean Farms (%)100
13.1.2United States Agriculture Drone Market Share by Region102
13.1.3United States Agriculture Drone Market Size by Region102 United States Agriculture Drone Market102 on Agriculture Sector in the Mid-West (US)104 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Drone Type105 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Application106 United States Agriculture Drone Market (2019-2025)106 on Agriculture Sector in the South (US)108 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Drone Type109 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Application109 East United States Agriculture Drone Market (2019-2025)110 on Agriculture Sector in the Northeast (US)110 East United States Agriculture Drone Market by Drone Type111 East United States Agriculture Drone Market by Application112 United States Agriculture Drone Market (2019-2025)112 on Agriculture Sector in the West (US)113 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Drone Type114 United States Agriculture Drone Market by Application115
14.1Porter’s Five forces analysis116
14.1.1Bargaining power of Supplier117
14.1.2Bargaining power of Buyer117
14.1.3Industry Rivalry118
14.1.4Availability of Substitute118
14.1.5Threat of new Entrants118
14.2Competitive Landscape119
14.2.1Market Share of Key Players in Agriculture Drone Market in United States, 2018119
15.1AeroVironment Inc122
15.1.1Key Facts122
15.1.2Business Description122
15.1.3Key Product/Services Offerings123
15.1.4Growth Strategy124
15.1.5SWOT Analysis124
15.1.6Key Financials125 Split by Region and Segment126 Overview of AeroVironment Inc126
15.1.7Recent Developments126 Launches126 Inc Partnerships (Strategic Alliance)127 Expansions128 Acquisitions128
15.2Trimble Inc.129
15.2.1Key Facts129
15.2.2Business Description129
15.2.3List of Trimble Companies130
15.2.4Key Product/Services Offerings131
15.2.5Growth Strategy132
15.2.6SWOT Analysis132
15.2.7Key Financials133 Split134 Overview of Trimble Inc134
15.2.8Recent Developments135 Launch135 (Strategic Alliance)135
15.3Deere and Company136
15.3.1Key Facts136
15.3.2Business Description136
15.3.3Key Product/Services Offerings137
15.3.4Growth Strategy138
15.3.5SWOT Analysis138
15.3.6Key Financials139 Split140 Overview of Deere & Company140
15.3.7Recent Developments140 Launch140 Expansion & Investments141
15.4AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc142
15.4.1Key Facts142
15.4.2Business Description142
15.4.3Key Product/Services Offerings143
15.4.4Some other Offerings of the Company143
15.4.5Growth Strategy144 Growth Strategy of the company144
15.4.6SWOT Analysis145
15.4.7Key Financials146 Split147 Overview of AgEagle Aerial Systems147
15.4.8Recent Developments147 Launch147 Expansions147 (Strategic Alliance)148 & Acquisitions148
15.5Drone Deploy149
15.5.1Key Facts149
15.5.2Business Description149
15.5.3Key Product/Services Offerings149 Lifecycle of Drone Deploy150 Markets Served by Drone Deploy150 of Drones in Agriculture151
15.5.4Growth Strategy152
15.5.5SWOT Analysis152
15.5.6Recent Developments153 Launch153 (Strategic Alliance)153 Expansions and Investments154
15.6DJI Technology Co Ltd155
15.6.1Key Facts155
15.6.2Business Description155
15.6.3Key Product/Services Offerings156
15.6.4DJI Growth Strategy156
15.6.5SWOT Analysis157
15.6.6Recent Developments157 Launch157 (Strategic Alliance)158 Expansion & Investments159
15.7Deveron UAS Corp160
15.7.1Key Facts160
15.7.2Business Description160
15.7.3Key Product/Services Offerings160 and Service Category of the Company161 Process of the Company161
15.7.4Key Financials162 Split163 Overview of Deveron UAS Group163
15.7.5Recent Developments164 Launch164 (Strategic Alliance)164 Expansions164 & Acquisitions165
15.8Intel Corporation166
15.8.1Key Facts166
15.8.2Business Description166
15.8.3Key Product/Services Offerings167
15.8.4Intel Corporation Growth Strategy167
15.8.5Intel Commitments167
15.8.6Milestones Achieved by Intel Corporation168
15.8.7SWOT Analysis168
15.8.8Key Financials169 Split170 Overview of Intel Corporation170
15.8.9Recent Developments170 Launches170 (Strategic Alliance)171
15.9Precision Hawk172
15.9.1Key Facts172
15.9.2Business Description172
15.9.3Key Product/Services Offerings172 & Solutions Offered173
15.9.4Investors List of Precision Hawk173
15.9.5Precision Hawk Growth Strategy173
15.9.6Milestones Achieved by Precision Hawk174
15.9.7SWOT Analysis174
15.9.8Recent Developments175 Launches175 (Strategic Alliance)175 Expansions & Investments176 Acquisitions176
15.10.1Key Facts177
15.10.2Business Description177
15.10.3Key Product/Services Offerings177
15.10.4Journey of Sentera178
15.10.5Sentera Key Capabilities178
15.10.6SWOT Analysis179
15.10.7Recent Developments179 Launches179 (Strategic Alliance)180 Expansion & Investments181

Report Title: US Agricultural Drone Market: Current Scenario and Forecast (2019-2025)

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