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Warehousing Industry in India - 2013-17

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Published Date: Nov, 2013
Edition: 1st
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 52

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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents

ValueNotes has carried out an in-depth research study on the warehousing industry in India. This industry report covers intelligence on the market size, growth, industry trends, industry attractiveness, and Porter’s analysis. The report covers fiscal years 2013 through 2017.

Key findings:

- The warehousing industry in India is currently valued at INR 745bn (FY 2013) and has been growing at ~15% for the last 3 years. ValueNotes estimates that the industry will grow at a rate of 18% till 2017.
- The unorganized sector will continue to dominate, accounting for around 90% of the industry by 2015. Of the organized sector, the industrial segment will constitute a higher share of warehousing demand, viz. engineering, pharmaceutical and electronics goods.
- Various policy changes are expected to impact the warehousing sector in India. These include the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), National Policy on Handling, Storage and Transportation, and increasing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

The report includes profiles of the top 5 players with a brief overview about their service offerings, key financial ratios, etc.

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Structure
- Industry Definition
- Industry Evolution
- Industry Process

3. Market Overview
- Size & Growth
- Market segmentation
- by Ownership
- by Organized v/s Unorganized
- by End-user
- by Geography

4. Drivers & Inhibitors
- Driver 1: Investment in Infrastructure
- Driver 2: Shift to GST regime for taxation
- Driver 3: Growth in Retail and Trade
- Inhibitor 1: Logistical Challenges
- Inhibitor 2: Rising real estate cost
- Inhibitor 3: Lack of skilled manpower & technological up-gradation

5. Government Initiatives & Policies
- Impact Assessment of Government Policies

6. Industry Trends

7. Industry Attractiveness

8. Competitive Environment
- Competitor Benchmarking
- Complete Profiles
- Transport Corporation of India
- Adani Agri Logistics
- Central Warehousing Corporation
- Food Corporation of India
- Blue Dart Express Limited

9. Appendix
- Research methodology
- Bibliography
- Abbreviations

List of Charts:
Chart 1 Warehousing as part of Logistics sector
Chart 2 Evolution of Warehousing
Chart 3 Industry Process in Warehousing
Chart 4 Share of warehousing in logistics in 2013 – India (in INR bn, %)
Chart 5 Estimated growth in warehousing till 2017 (in INR bn)
Chart 6 Share of warehousing by sector - 2013 (in million tonnes)
Chart 7 Share between organized and unorganized – 2013 (in million tonnes)
Chart 8 Share between industrial and agricultural in organized warehousing in 2013 (in million tonnes)
Chart 9 Warehousing space in industrial warehousing – 2013 (in million tonnes)
Chart 10 Warehousing space in industrial warehousing – 2015 (in million tonnes)
Chart 11 Market size for warehousing by geography – by value
Chart 12 Growth in organized retail market
Chart 13 Porters’ 5 Forces Analysis
Chart 14.1 Overall Revenues (in INR mn) for Transport Corporation of India
Chart 14.2 Geographical break-up of revenues (INR mn) – 2013
Chart 15.1 Overall Revenues (in INR mn) for Adani Agri Logistics
Chart 15.2 Revenues (in INR Mn) for Adani Agri Logistics
Chart 16.1 Overall Revenues(in INR mn) for Central Warehousing Corporation
Chart 16.2 Revenues (in INR mn) for Central Warehousing Corporation
Chart 17.1 Overall Revenues (in INR mn) for Food Corporation of India
Chart 17.2 Revenues (in INR mn) for Food Corporation of India
Chart 18.1 Overall Revenues (in INR mn) for Blue Dart Express Limited
Chart 18. 2 Revenues (in INR mn) for Blue Dart Express Limited

List of Tables:
Table 1 Government initiatives for investment in infrastructure
Table 2 Percentage increase in real estate costs at international trade hubs
Table 3 Skill levels prevailing in the warehousing sector
Table 4 Impact Assessment of Government Initiatives
Table 5 Industry Attractiveness
Table 6 Competitor Benchmarking in Warehousing in India
Table 7 Financial indicators of Transport Corporation of India
Table 8 Financial indicators of Adani Agri Logistics
Table 9 Financial indicators of Central Warehousing Corporation
Table 10 Financial indicators of Food Corporation of India

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