Logistics & Shipping Industry in India - Identifying Opportunities in Modes, Services & Infrastructure

 Published On: Mar, 2014 |    No of Pages: 250+Approx. |  Published By: SNP Infra Research solutions | Format: PDF
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The logistics and shipping sector in India has translated to be a priority area. Interestingly, amidst all the global economic uncertainties the Indian transportation and logistics industry is set to witness a northbound trend. Although the global recession has left a mark on the fast paced Indian market to an extent, but backed with strong fundamentals and consistently rising demand the economy in general and logistics sector in particular are expected to turn the tide and sail through the tough times.

Coupled with the above facts one prime reason for a robust logistics sector growth in India, which offers significant opportunities stems from close to a decade long consistent growth in the volume of freight traffic moved. This large volume of traffic not only provided growth opportunities in all dimensions of logistics sector in India, which includes transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, express cargo delivery, container services and shipping services etc. but also impacted positively on the demand from allied sectors which offer solutions to logistics sector. Advancing ahead in the 12th FYP it would not be an aberration that the strength of logistics sector will be a key determinant for the growth of the economy.

With rise in planned investments, very dynamic regulatory environment, multiple mega infrastructure projects in line and other noticeable developments since 2012, has driven the Indian logistics market, concurrently slowly but surely overcoming infrastructure-related constraints and logistics-centric inefficiency. While traversing this growth path, multiple projects and services have been either at the planning or implementation stage in the country. Such developments are not only limited to one facet but have evolved and spanned across all modes of transportation and logistics services. These factors have attracted and involved active participation from all stakeholders, ranging from logistics service providers and policy makers to end users and industry think tanks.

To analyze and decipher such path breaking avenues – which may be safely identified as the existing and upcoming opportunities in all the three modes, services and infrastructure pertaining to the logistics sector is the broad objective of the report. Also, the dossier attempts to identify and dive deep into key developments and trends across six sub-sectors and their likely impact on the wider industry by evolving key indices for the Indian logistics sector. The report focuses on the nascent 3PL mechanism and covers it on full details along with the investment tune planned in the sector. This report not only deals in with all facets of logistics but also covers the intricacies and nuances of all allied industries by covering all organised players associated with same. Also, the report captures the warehousing market in India and profiles the leading players in logistics segment which are listed.

Through this report SNP Infra Research attempts to unleash the tune of opportunities and associated challenges with each facet of the logistics sector and present a path finding guide for all existing and likely to venture stakeholders in the segment.

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview of Logistics Sector in India
i. Logistics Industry – Size & Growth
ii. Structure of Logistics Industry in India
iii. Driving Logistics Growth in India
iv. Porter’s Five forces Analysis

3. Mapping Colossal Emerging Logistics Trends
i. Changing Paradigm – Growing Urban & Industrial Clusters
ii. Trade Requirements – Northbound trend
iii. Best mode selection – Lowering congestion
iv. Analysing Logistics Infrastructural State

4. Logistics in India & World Markets – Parametric Analysis
i. Market Size & Growth Attractiveness – India & World
ii. Market Compatibility Index
iii. Market Entry Parametric Analysis
iv. Market Connectedness

5. Air Cargo Logistics in India
i. Overview of Air Cargo
ii. Air Cargo – Economic Perspective
iii. Key performance indicators
iv. Emerging cargo centers in India
v. Trend of Participation from Service Providers
vi. Air Cargo Infrastructure – Critical Review
vii. Key Challenges & Issues
viii. Future Outlook & Imperatives

6. Port Logistics in India
i. Overview
ii. Institutional Framework
iii. Port Traffic in Indian Ports
iv. Sources of Income of Ports
v. Agenda 2020 – An Evaluation for India
vi. Non-Major Ports – Analysing role in Indian context
vii. Containerisation
viii. Ports of Eastern India – Changing destination
ix. Key Challenges & Issues
x. Future Outlook & Imperatives

7. Railways Logistics in India
i. Overview
ii. Segment Size & Growth
iii. Analysing freight
iv. Rail- Road Traffic Movement
v. Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)
vi. DFC Volume Analysis – Scenario Based
vii. Key Challenges & Issues
viii. Future Outlook & Imperatives

8. Road Logistics in India
i. Overview
ii. Road Network in India
iii. Development of Road Network
iv. Trucking in India – Transformation Track
v. Demand for Commercial Vehicle
vi. Key Challenges & Issues
vii. Future Outlook & Imperatives

9. 3PL Logistics Market in India
i. Current State of 3 PL Market in India
ii. Understanding Supply Chain Innovations
iii. Decoding & Managing Supply Chain Disruption
iv. IT in 3 PL – Underused & Non-delivering
v. 3 PL – Gaining Popularity
vi. Challenges & Issues
vii. Future Outlook & Imperatives

10. Shipping in India
i. Overview
ii. Share of Waterways in Modal Mix
iii. Inland Waterways Transportation (IWT) in India
iv. Cargo Movement by IWT – New Models Adopted
v. Coastal Shipping in India
vi. Coastal Traffic at Ports and Share of Coastal shipping in domestic cargo movement
vii. Options for Cargo Movements by Coastal Shipping
viii. Commodity Mix analysis – Port Wise
ix. Challenges & Issues
x. Future Outlook & Imperatives

11. Ship Repair & Module Fabrication Market in India
i. Overview
ii. Ship Repair Market in India
iii. Contribution of Ship Repair to Shipping Industry in India
iv. Analysing Major Players for Ship Repair in India
v. Module Fabrication in India
vi. Major Players for Module Fabrications in India
vii. Fleet Size Analysis
viii. Future Outlook & Scenario Wise Analysis

12. Warehousing in India
i. Overview
ii. Current Market Size
iii. Modern Warehousing Formats
iv. Factors influencing warehousing market
v. New Warehouses – Characteristics
vi. Attractiveness analysis of Warehouses – Vis-ΰ-vis location
vii. Critical Success Factors
viii. Free Trade & Warehousing Zones in India (FWTZ)
ix. Parametric Comparison – FWTZ India & World
x. Future Outlook

13. Organised Players in Logistics Segment of India
i. Container Rail Business
ii. Multimodal Transport
iii. Container Freight Station
iv. 3 PL
v. Express Logistics

14. Investments in Logistics Segment of India
i. Private Equity
ii. Recent Deals
iii. Recent PE Funding
iv. Government Investments

15. Profiling listed Players in Logistics Segment of India
ii. Allcargo Logistics
iii. Gateway Distriparks Limited
iv. Aegis Logistics Limited
v. Transport Corporation of India Limited
vi. Arshiya International Limited
vii. GATI Limited
viii. Blue Dart Express Limited
ix. Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Limited
x. Sical Logistics Limited

16. Conclusion/Way forward

17. Annexure/Case Study

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