Australia Water Report

 Published On: Oct, 2013 |    No of Pages: 38 |  Published By: BMI Water | Format: PDF
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Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth and is facing mounting challenges with regards to its
future water supply as rainfall levels decline and population growth and urbanization place a strain on
unreliable surface water supply. BMI expects that over the long term water supply will come from
unconventional sources such as desalination and recycled water.
The outlook for the Australian sector is positive as population growth and agricultural demand will support
increases in total water consumption over the longer term, however, per capita water consumption is
expected to trend downwards over the forecast period 2013-2017. The decline in per capita household water
consumption is set to continue as BMI is expecting water tariffs to increase as desalination, a more
expensive water treatment process, is looking set to become increasingly common. Furthermore, with
climate change leading to lower rainfall levels the government is attempting to educate the population about
ways to conserve water, imposing restrictions on water usage such as hours between when watering of the
garden is permitted.

Industry View 7
Political 10
Economic 11
Business Environment 12
Industry Forecast 14
Water Extraction 14
Table: Water Extraction, 2011-2017 15
Water Consumption 16
Table: Water Consumption, 2011-2017 17
Water Treatment and Sanitation 18
Table: Waste Water, 2011-2017 19
Market Overview 20
Water Supply and Consumption 20
Industry and Agriculture Water Consumption 21
Table: Water Consumption, Agriculture industry mn cubic metres 2010-2011 21
Distribution 22
Treatment and Sanitation 22
Regulations and Tariffs 23
Industry Trends And Developments 25
Table: Key Water Projects 27
Competitive Landscape 28
Government Agencies 28
South East Queensland 28
Sydney New South Wales 29
Melbourne Victoria 29
Australian Capital Territory 29
Adelaide South Australia 29
Global Industry Overview 30
Global Water Overview 30
Demographic Forecast 33
Demographic Outlook 33
Table: Australia's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 34
Table: Australia's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total) 35
Table: Australia's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 36
Table: Australia's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020 36
Methodology 37
Methodology 37

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