Indian Power Industry to get investments of $250 billion

Innovation is fast getting to the roots of India, every village, town and city is running towards the wave changes that are happening in the business world. The changes have bought about massive alterations in the minds of people from all walks of life. Be it a college student,

3G network becomes conventional in Indian mobile Internet market

3G subscribers consume thrice the data consumed by their 2G counterparts Within few years of using Internet on mobile phones India has been able to convert the speed and upgrade it from 2G to 3G networks. Usage of web through cell phones (smartphones today) has become a thing of
Feb 27, 2015 plans to go all mobile

India’s largest online shopping hub for branded clothes and accessories is planning to wipe out its website presence completely. At a juncture where both Flipkart and Myntra’s sales figure hit the BIG $1 billion mark the later is planning to do away with its website presence on the

Visa Power shows at Dubai Shopping Festival 2015

According to volume sales, Fashion Retail market scored highest at $151.2 It is a rollicking start for the year as it was also the beginning for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). The shopping carnival which happened for a bit more than a month was an ultra success and witnessed

The Indian Coal League- ICL

Auctions of coal mines to raise more than 7 lakh crores INR A total of six states is expected to earn a potential 80,000 crores INR by auctioning 12 coal mines, as is the richness of the Indian coal industry. For the last 10 months there have been several

Most Likely Global Dangers in 2015

Risks can be basically divided into Geopolitical, Societal and Environmental 2015 has finally began and the world has lived through the first month (1st lap) of the year, now is the time of the annum where most organization have finished with the warming up and are working towards the

Oil Industry gains after a rollercoaster drive, Up by 4%

A barrel rose above $60 for the first in 2015 Brent oil entered the bull market for the time this year on Friday the 6th of February. This surely comes as sigh of relief for all in the industry but a community is still cautious about the return of

Global Education Industry Trends For 2015

The future in 2015 for the education sector is hardly predicted as most of the predictions are going towards IT, infrastructure, retail and so on. However, taking nothing away from the education segment it can be said that the learning processes are on their way to massive changes. The
Feb 13, 2015

Indian Healthcare frontier Sector in 2015

The industry is forecasted to be a $100 billion niche by 2015 Indian healthcare industry is cited as a booming one, this sector according to the global experts is highly potential providing multiple opportunities to players from worldwide. The count of medical tourists visiting the country is exceeding all

Indian Smart Cities-Big Picture of the India of Tomorrow

Each Smart City will result in Employment, Productivity and Economic Development India is one of the largest markets for smartphones; this is known business news in the present scenario. Especially, after the governance change that happened recently; things are turning out to switch to a fast track, progressive mode;