World’s Largest Milk Producing Country Celebrates it’s Milkman’s Birthday

India celebrates National Milk Day on Dr.Verghese Kurian’s Birthday 26th November, this day is special for the Indian dairy industry as it is the birthday of its founder Dr. Verghese Kurian-also kindly addressed as the “milkman of India”. He was the one who idolized the development of the dairy

3 Common Reasons Why Millennials are getting Pink Slips (with solutions)

“Millennials” is turning into a confusing generation-they are also known as generation-Y. Basically, there are proper dates that refer a start and ending of people from this generation. Yet, experts and researchers refer to birth years from early 1980’s up to 2000. People belonging to these birth years are

India to house 402 mn Internet users by December 2015

Just when the tech industry is seeing its new pinnacles in India; the telecommunication front is racing towards a new up-gradation. It is a known fact that the count of Internet users in India is reaching newer heights, yet the number of mobile Internet users-assisted by the Wi-Fi technology
Nov 20, 2015

Indian Roads & Highways will be valued at $19.2bn by 2017

The segment has a CAGR of 19.4% between 2009-14 Being the vast country India is, it isn’t a matter of surprise that transportation is developed within the country. There are several mediums that help in a free flowing transit, hence making the connectivity aspect in India one of the

Internet of Things (IOT) will be Ubiquitous in the next 5 years

“Internet of Things” (IOT) is one term that is repeatedly in use all over the globe. The technology industry is progressing on a everyday basis and Internet of Things is undoubtedly the biggest innovation that is moving towards complete success. If the experts related to the subject are to
Nov 16, 2015

Blood pressure, diabetes, smoking among biggest killers in India: Study

Indians dying of diseases related to high blood pressure and smoking in count is exceeding the ones who are falling prey to malnutrition and other tropical illness. Latest research studies connecting health issues in India and regions around has indicated a steep rise in deaths due to cardiovascular complications

Comprehensive study of the Global Mobile Applications Industry up to 2017

Couple of blogs ago I covered the status of mobile applications within India, it was a detailed version on how the e commerce business fueling the mobile app revenues. Today I have prepared to go global on the same subject. Having a mobile application of own is no more

US Tattoo Making and Removal Industry: Market Analysis

USA is among the top countries where the tattoo industry continues to boom. The tattooing industry has grown globally yet it has earned maximum rise in the US and regions around. The work is not just limited to the interest of the artist or the range of his or
Nov 4, 2015

Results for the Pre-Festive Season in Indian E-commerce is out and this is what it looks like

The festivities are just a few days away and there’s a rat-race among the e-tailer already. In fact, in the mid of all the crazy promotions (every second advertisement on TV is an e-commerce brand) under the October heat it’s result time for the companies. It would be fair

Top 5 Alexa Certified Changes that will update your website

‘Google search engine page number 2 is the best place to hide a corpse’ this may sound hilarious but ask a search engine optimizer and he or she will tell you how it really feels to be on the second page of the search result list. Plainly, it is