Driverless Cars hit a bump called “Motion Sickness”

Driverless technology is the biggest discovery that is taking shape presently. Car makers from around the globe are carrying out immense research operations in order to make it work in an effortless manner in their production. Most people are excited about the technology and a few customers who can afford
Aug 26, 2015

The Marshmallow update from Google; all that you need to know

Amidst speculations regarding the name for new mobile android version, Google very recently came up with the actual event. The tech giant introduced its latest android version on mobile phones and has upgraded it to Android 6.0 unlike the news of it being called as Android 5.2. One has
Aug 24, 2015

TN to get new lease in Manufacturing as Foxconn plans a second innings

As several companies from different business verticals plan to jump into India after the invite “MAKE IN INDIA” urged by the central government; Foxconn is amongst the first ones to join the group. It is quite a known fact that the Taiwanese contract electronic goods manufacturer once made cellphones

What is ALEXA and How can your webpage get a better ranking?

What is Alexa-AN INTRODUCTION: Alexa is a subsidiary company of that was started in 1996 and later was acquired by Amazon in the year 1999. It helps in ranking the position of a website on the search engine result page (SERP) on the basis of activities on the


Almost all Fortune 500 companies have no Pre-Planning of any kind One would be deeply surprised to know that not a single (NOT EVEN ONE) of the fortune 500 companies was started with a business plan. We keep hearing the importance of a business plan and the preparations required
Aug 17, 2015


Tomorrow the world’s biggest democracy will be celebrating its 69th Independent year. India and its people have come a long way since 1947-from CHARKA to being amongst the STARTUP Nations of the globe. There is a lot to be thought about, plenty to look back to; but most importantly,
Aug 14, 2015

Now Nestle asked to pay 640 crores for “TASTE BHI, HEALTH BHI” Tagline

Just when the conditions were turning in favor of Nestle, a new hurdle seems to be mushrooming. In first of its actions; the Indian government has sought a “compensation” of 640 crores INR ($100 million) for its misleading advertisements and false labeling of the product. This penalty is sighted

Soon take the Spanish train between Mumbai-Delhi

Real Madrid based locomotive manufacturing company Talgo is waiting for the nod from the Indian higher officials to start the shipping of their lighter, faster trains. The company is ready to take up a trail run on their own expenditure and risks; “just to display their trains advantages”. It

“Dead” Batteries in your trash bin have 80% energy left UNUSED!!!

Batteriser could one day partner with any leading battery manufacturer and sell a combo package. The next time you are about to dispose a “dead” battery into the trash bin, just give it a second thought. The reason being that you are about to throw off a battery which

Understanding Global Business through Market Research

Commencing with a business today is much easier than what it used to be. Starting with a job work, getting it through the market and popularizing it and then expanding the same; all these consumed a lifetime few decades ago but today it is a matter of few initial
Aug 4, 2015