Guideline to Mobile Wallets, the future of Payments

With the crucial penetration of e-commerce in India, the way people are buying their things is changing immensely and so is the mode of payments. Mobile Payment technology is catching up fast and thick among online buyers. The inclusion of credit or debit cards is fading away though there

6 Aspects that are building your Future Workplace

Work cultures today is change drastically around the world. Gone are the days when people used to join an establishment and retire their careers from the some company, with most things going fast track; working conditions have always been altered. According to latest market research in the global job
Jun 29, 2015


Latest product developments with the use of intense research works and technology backing have been the path for skin care industry, keeping it among the most active industries of 2015. This has been a flip side of the sector as after a couple of dormant years, the industry has

IndiGo Airlines plans IPO, imminent to raise $400 million

Maybe valued at 25,200 crores by the end of the fundraising act India’s biggest airline company in terms of passengers carried, IndiGo is eyeing a 10% stock sale that may raise them a valuation of $400 million. This business masterstroke if completed by the aviation firm will enhance their


1 hotspot for every 20 users around the world will come up by 2018 Latest research studies under the telecom business in India have bought in fresh insights, the industry is all set to achieve twofold rise in its subscribers, according to the report on “Indian Telecom Service Market

Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019

The cosmetics surgery and services industry worldwide is projected to be a business of more than $20 million. With technologies rising up in the medical field, lots of complicated surgery jobs which were termed to be life-endangering previously today are just matter of few minutes. Several countries around the

Indian Mobile Payment Industry posing a CAGR of a monstrous 140.87% for 2014-18

CAGR up by more than 100% since 2012 Based with more than 900 million mobile subscribers, India is a growing market for mobile Internet services. The country has around 213 million mobile Internet users by June 2015. There were around 173 million mobile web users by the end of
Jun 17, 2015

Streamline your Start-up Business with appropriate Market Research

Start-ups are one business form which easily can get trapped in the clutches of wrong or improper decision making. The initial stages (starting days) for start-up businesses are extremely volatile as most business operators primarily focus on their goals of getting their product or service on top of their
Jun 15, 2015

HP entering the 3D printing in full force, plans to turn printing faster…much faster

It was early last year that Meg Whiteman the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) disclosed to shareholders that the company is eyeing to enter the 3 dimension (3D) printing segment. Following the declaration, there were speculations about the timing and the newness that the tech company is trying to introduce.
Jun 12, 2015


Mobile gaming business will exceed $110 billion by 2018 Game downloads have been the largest money spinners for mobile app stores be it Apple App store or Google’s play store. The upward trend in the gaming industry especially in the mobile segment started at the start of 2014 as
Jun 10, 2015