Japanese seniors soon to get ‘quality of life” apps, courtesy: Apple-IBM-Japan Post Apple along with IBM and Japan Post is planning to introduce a smart device based application that will change the method in which the Japanese are using the healthcare apps. To furnish more on Japan Post, it

Global Automobile Industry Trends 2015

Driverless and other automation technologies are things to be watched in the auto industry Best sales figures in the automobile sector are one of the few good things that happened before the global economic downfall in 2008-09. In the year 2006, the global sales of automobile around the world
Apr 29, 2015

Xiaomi gets its first Indian investor in Ratan Tata

The dream run for Xiaomi doesn’t seem to end anytime sooner. After outdoing its arch rival Samsung as it became the leading mobile handsets selling company in China and 5th largest in the globe the company is now concentrating on India markets. Company sources have repeatedly indicated that India

Things you should know about Travel Insurance (before bag packing)

The summers are here and its holiday time, most of us are searching for unexplored locations and planning for trips away from the hassle of the routine life. There are several things that we take care of while planning a holiday, cost being the primary issue. Different minded people

India’s Target: 100 Smart Cities in coming 2 decades

Smart Cities to be a place with 24/7 utilities services India is undergoing many changes in its economic and other policies since the power switch that happened around 10 months ago. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is ambitious with several projects that need a kick start with the
Apr 22, 2015

Chinese Medical Device Industry on its way to the top

Therapeutic appliances and consumables are strengths of the Chinese Medical device Industry Business potentials in China is no more an unknown fact to the world, representing 1/5th of the global population it is a treasure for businesses as workforce availability is the most. Being the most populated nation it

Bharti-Biyani workout the “Future” of Indian Retail Industry

The TWO BIG B’s of Indian retail sector are all set to bring in a tsunami change if the recent reports are to be trusted. According to the recent news reports conveyed by India’s top ranking online news websites; Kishore Biyani’s Future group is readying itself to join hands

By 2030, Global List for Strongest Economies Will Have New Names

Which are the country names that strike your mind when asked about healthy economy? It may be America-for almost every one of us, China-maybe from Asian region or even Germany or Japan for some. However, in the next 15 years span most of this list will undergo alteration and


Makers like Sony, Moto and Google eyeing the Smartwatch industry The media and communication industry has seen a complete lifespan of many devices which have come and gone and had their fair share of popularity. Smartphone is the newest on the popular devices list; it is a communication cum

Alibaba plans an Internet Bank in China by June, 2015

The Chinese finance industry is all set to take off to a new unseen height as Alibaba along with its affiliate Ant Financial Services Group is planning an online banking business by the following June. This massive penetration into the Chinese online network was held on last Thursday (09/04/15)