3 Common Reasons Why Millennials are getting Pink Slips (with solutions)


3-Common-Reasons-Why-Millennials-are-getting-Pink-Slips“Millennials” is turning into a confusing generation-they are also known as generation-Y. Basically, there are proper dates that refer a start and ending of people from this generation. Yet, experts and researchers refer to birth years from early 1980’s up to 2000. People belonging to these birth years are the main workforce presently and there is a growing problem with the changing work style or work patterns. As many of them are climbing the ladder fast and getting promoted to higher positions; many among them are also getting fired due to the mishandling of their work profiles and thus spoiling their career graphs on the long run.
Let’s find a few popular faults that are happening and try to draft certain tips that can work as solutions:

Why are millennials getting fired?
A recent survey posted that millennials have a massive disconnect about the detailing of their job profiles and aren’t as sure about the basics or the ongoing trends as they are expected to be. This sample survey feedback from 28,000 bosses worldwide is just the tip of an iceberg according to experts researching on the topic. The problem can go deeper and get more serious in the years to come according to them.

Employers aren’t your parents OR trainers:
Youngsters today are mostly trained for everything they do. The concept of getting trained is affixed to their minds and thus most of them look forward to an assistance with everything they do at workplace. Employers on the other hand, especially the mid or small business runners just cannot afford the expense and have to control their spending. Moreover, getting a fresher on the job and providing a formal training to the candidate does not make much of a financial sense to any business.

Millennials should work on getting themselves “job ready”. There are several resources that are available online, they will help them know things in and around their industry and assist in narrowing down the gap between knowledge and skills. Also asking queries on doubts from seniors during private interactions can help them learn more and learn faster being on the job. As Richard Branson quotes “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

The “I work my way” won’t actually work:
Few millennials nowadays have this attitude of working for the minimum time possible. This is because they are into many things at one same time; multitasking is viewed as a good ability but that needs a few years experience of doing the basic things right. There are instances where youngsters loose their jobs due to the laid out attitude where they don’t put in the max that they can; cutting short the work-hours and constantly searching for the workplace flexibility are reasons for most of the pink slips received by the millennials.

For the initial stages at least millennials SHOULD get on with it and concentrate completely on their core job. Putting in the extra hours can enable them to learn the tricks of the trade in the shortest duration and pick up the important skills that will get them translated to the senior positions. In the same time; employers observing this dedication will invest their trust and provide them with much responsibilities helping them grow faster. For the millennials, they should understand that when they prove their capabilities, they are ought to achieve more than what they expect.

As per Harvard University, only 6 in every 10 millennial has a job; half of them are part-time employees


A Millennial’s ‘happiness’ is no business to an employer:
The current working class is more exposed to technologies and other aspects in comparison to the previous generations. Hence, most of them are much more outspoken about having breaks, going out for refreshments and other intervals during office hours. This is understandably turns irritating to the employers and they in turn cut through even the basic amenities that should be applied. In short, millennials eye to have most of the facilities just even before expressing their work abilities and proving their mettle.

Millennials first should chalk out their primary motto getting into a job. They have to make it clear to themselves that a job basically is full of professional commitments more than any other sidekicks. A well-versed career consular may help them understand this, they will be helped in identifying their professional strengths, their set of skills and most importantly the mood of their workplace and self motivate themselves.