5 Trends ruling the Global Travel and Tourism Industry in 2015

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The bygone year was a mixed bag of events for the world travel and tourism industry as both good and bad took place. Travel websites like Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com and many more had a profitable business annual yet there were a few troubles as the airline industry suffered few crashes and unusual quandaries (especially Malaysian airlines). However, sport events like the FIFA World Cup was a bit of a breather for the industry as it minted some important business. As we have started with the seventh month of 2015 here’s a short analysis on how the industry is doing worldwide also we glance through the top factors that are writing the trends in the sector this year.


iBeacon Technology:

The use of technology in several industries is nothing new. However, with every passing year the involvement of technologies in different industries is growing by many times, usage of computers for e-mailing the travel information, booking of tickets and hotel reservations is a normalcy today. Travel companies and establishments have gone beyond things and are trying to introduce the (IOT) Internet of Things in their facilities. Keyless door entries, airliner communication with their travelers and many other services are available due to the ibeacon technology. Apple especially has worked upon improving its iBeacon technology in iOS7 which has expanded its usage capacity among global travelers. Most of the things needed today while a travel is possible by a swipe of your smartphone. Things are only expected to improve further and automation is ought to rule to the travel and tourism industry even more extensively.

Mobile first, mobile everything:

In 2014, mobile was the biggest trend we witnessed that changed many industries including travel and tourism. According to a research finding, around 25% of the total travel bookings in the US were made using a smartphone and experts believe that number will be much more by the end of 2015. Mobile as a medium is strong and the fact that almost every establishment has gone mobile is sufficient to prove this. Some 3 years ago businesses were talking about social media and mobile as the essential elements to communication and receive business but social media is slowly down and mobile has overtaken it as the key for marching the business forward.

Similar to the e-commerce industry there are few travel websites like HotelTonight which have gone totally mobile and depend upon their app alone for business, which is a successful strategy as well. The main idea is to cater the struggling last minute packers who are searching for an accommodation option while they have already started their trip or are stranded at a new place with minimal information.  To put it straight, mobile is the one stop solution for all sorts of issues while on travel.

Putting everything in one basket:

Previously we have had applications that catered to different activities of traveling industry such as booking for the travel mode, accommodation, food or sight-seeing required. 2015 is a year in which the world has encountered companies bringing every such requirement into one basket i.e. into one single application.

Therefore, you can start your trip and end it by returning to your home sweet home will be planned and nothing would be required (no efforts, no formalities) to be done by you; everything will be taken care of by the app. All you would be expected to do is enjoy the outing as much as possible.

More than 20% of the total mobile searches in India relate to travel and accommodation Industry


Setting the niche will be important:

You might be struck by the word “niche” but it is turning out to be very important in the travel and tourism industry. All outings are not the same, different trips have several moods and are done for separate reasons. Travel companies have sighted this very well and are already offering customized trips according to the traveler’s demands. There can be trips like a weekend getaway, honeymoon trips, hiking or trekking trips, spiritual tours etc. understanding the motto of the trip is of basic importance in order to cover the requirements which the travel companies are seem to be doing quite well.

The future is ultra activity:

With extreme penetration of tech and business strategies, the travel and tourism industry worldwide is expected to be ultra active in the years to come. Alterations in the payment modes are huge trends that are sure to make an impact within the industry. However, there is a need for a bit of caution by the travel providers as many undue incidents can be aborted by following simple precautionary measures thus insuring a safe and memorable trip for travelers around the globe.

Bonus Pie-Few ways that travel and tourism is change India for Good:

By the finish of 2015 travel and tourism as an industry would contribute 37.4 million jobs and 7% (8.22 trillion INR) of the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The Indian travel industry is set to grow at an annual rate of 7.5% by 2015; this is more than the estimate growth for the entire South-Asian region which is calculated to be around 6.9% by the global forum.

The industry is projected to provide around 46 million jobs in India by the end of 2025.

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