6 Content Marketing Pointers that will come true in 2016


Content MarketingContent Marketing is turning to be the lifeblood of several business organizations across categories. The things that we come across on social platforms are getting much related to us-our demands and requirements. This discovery of solutions without trying to even search for them is possible due to advanced Content Marketing.

Organizations today are getting smarter as they are finding ways to put through their products and services before the demands arise. The trends of content marketing aren’t static as they get advanced year after year as the technologies involved are growing.

Most likely trends in 2016 as mentioned below:

Videos will continue to be the best form of content-

50% of the content traffic on mobile is in the form of videos. With the Internet technology growing/upgrading to 4G; 2016 is all set to enhance the video content further. Especially with rich sources like YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook-the circulation of videos is predicted to touch a new milestone by the end of 2016. Facebook is specifically concentrating on this form of content and increasing the feeds on its wall according to the likings of its users. WhatsApp is another social platform that is promoting the video content on an instant basis.

Video content understandably has a better, quicker reach than any other form and platforms have finally decided to concentrate and score on it. Social media platforms have increased and are further working on increasing video feeds for different news and promotional acts. Startups from all over the world are extensively using video content as their primary communication medium, 2016 will probably be the year where shorter duration videos (less than 30 seconds) will get a lift as they are watched most.

Attention time will continue to decline-

User attention time is constantly dripping down. There are millions of applications that cry for user attention but most of them don’t achieve it. There are millions of new users of Internet on smartphones and to top that, there are billions already consuming tons of content online.

The present human attention span is lowest at 8 seconds and predictions indicate that this is ought to fall further. Thus it is best to use video content to an optimum level as it has the most success reach. The first 5 to 10 seconds of the video is of utmost importance for wider viewing. In case of photos and written content it is essential that they are to the point and crisp that enables easy consumption and avails traffic. 2016 will be year where video content will dominate and online marketers will look to practice the content form more often.

Go for Quality than Quantity-

Content feeds are available in tons on different social platforms yet only a very small fraction of it gets the attention. The times have changed even on social media platforms for example Facebook is paying greater attention and promote the posts which is of rich quality. Google on has always strongly backed quality; it has time and again made changes that improve quality of the online content. Hence, try working on the 80-20 rule in order to enhance quality and get found in 2016. Blogs will continue hold an important space in content formation.

“2016 will have more than 2 billion mobile internet users worldwide, related expending to exceed $100 billion”


Branded Content will be IN-

Promotion as an act has revamped itself through the years. Nobody likes unwanted advertisements and people today are extremely alert about the promotion activities and they ignore it well in advance. This attitude has made life miserable for the marketers who aren’t even offered a fair chance of putting through their marketing actions. Bigger brands have stopped core promotions as they have realized that it doesn’t work as before. Catching eye attention was an old strategy which is followed by almost everyone who intends to sell- embarking an image into the hearts is the new style. Promotions today are hi-tech; most of them leave an imprint in people’s memory. Hence, promotions and marketing in 2016 is set to be more branded and systematically planned and executed. Brands and their entities are ought to play an impactful role.

Instant Messaging will be mainstreamed (if not yet)-

It is utterly simple; the number of users of WhatsApp, WeChat and other instant messaging apps is growing minute by minute. Businesses have entered into promoting using these instant apps as they are simple to use and have a good impact in the most minimal span. Gone are the days when instant messaging apps were just meant for friends and fun joke sharing; professional utilization has started and it is sure to explode in 2016.

Continue With Experimentations-

Experiments at all forms (both on and offline) will stay on. 2016 is most likely to be the year of discoveries and ‘wield’ experiments with business promotion and conducting methods. More of newer formats, features, products and services are believed to come to life. Especially the aspects of user experience and consumer satisfaction are placed to be the most prime things that all businesses will focus upon.

Happy Content Marketing to you!!!