6 Facts about BIG DATA that needs to realized FAST


Big-DataBIG DATA: In simple words are huge volumes of structured and unstructured data which is so big that it is unmanageable using traditional software and database techniques. Most industries are finding it tough to manage their data and their storing process is just next to impossible. Thus most of these are using a concept known as BIG DATA solution that enables special resources for storing vital data on non-stop format.

The ones working into certain industries would agree that this segment is a massively growing niche and the future trends only indicate towards bigger positives as there’s an incredible quantity of  storable and sharable data but the resources to do so is pretty limited.

Let’s see some of the most likely (FOR SURE) trends of the big data industry.

Amount of Data used and unused-

The quantity of data being ignored is quite unbelievable as most of the companies agree of monitoring only 12% of the total data received on a regular basis. This proves the metal of the industry as rest of the 88% of data is vanishing even without an eye on it. Thus, today is a time where it is extreme hard to recognize and find the difference between the important and not-so important content.

Rise is job vacancies: Demand for Data Specialists-

Data job pros have a reason to celebrate as they are on all-time high demands. Big data talents in general has seen a 46% rise in their job postings, NoSQL pros jobs have a 54% increase in their job ads. Similar is the case with the Python and Hadoop pros which have had a 16% and 43% rise respectively. Though these are impressive figures of rise; experts indicate a further potential and state these to be just the start as compared to the massive spread Cyber Security industry that has had a 164% rocket rise year on year.

How BIG is BIG Data Growing?

According to stats the current digital universe comprises of around 3.2 zettabytes and it is expected to grow to about 40 zettabytes within just the next 6 years span (1 zettabyte= roughly 1 billion terabytes). However, the growth is estimated to be around some 50 times per year until 2020. The real challenge lies in addressing the 85% of data that is rising up from a complete new source on the Internet.

Big Data Profile = BIG Money- 

According to the survey done in April’2014, the mean base salary for a staff data analyst is $120,000 and the same for a manager is $160,000. There is a BIG rise in the remuneration paid as compared to last year where the average salaries for a staff were $90,000 and for a manager it was $145,000.

Big Data is driving the Software Growth-

The CAGR for the Software industry for the period of 2013-2015 will hang around 6% but the real encouragement for this increase will be the big data sector which is estimated a CAGR of 9% for the same period. Thus, the big data niche is believed to be the accelerator for the entire software industry in the years to come.

Big Data will get almost everything connected-

The revamped world of information technology also known as IOT (Internet of Things) is most likely to have some very weird and strange devices which will be connected. Observers from the big data industry are presuming that about 30 billion wireless devices will be connected by the end of 2020. Health related devices will steal the show among all the other categories as health monitoring devices are to be estimated to outdo all other wireless digital devices.