Blood pressure, diabetes, smoking among biggest killers in India: Study

Indians dying of diseases related to high blood pressure and smoking in count is exceeding the ones who are falling prey to malnutrition and other tropical illness. Latest research studies connecting health issues in India and regions around has indicated a steep rise in deaths due to cardiovascular complications

Diabetes Drug Market Anticipated to Grow $55.3 Billion in Next 10 Years

Diabetes – A Silent Killer In the 21st century if the question is asked which is the most silent killing disease, the answer is neither cancer nor AIDS. Its diabetes. It is estimated that around 50 million people across the globe are suffering from Diabetes. There is a fear

Go Healthy, Go Vegan

Growing up with the age old saying – to have a long and healthy life, there has to be enough vegetables on your plate daily. Considering this statement many people have decided to go vegan for health, ethical or environmental reasons. As per a survey in 2016, about 2%
Sep 25, 2018

Diet Soft Drinks linked to aggravating chances of Dementia & Stroke by 3 times

Soft Drink or Cold Drink – the first thing that comes to your mind right after you come home, especially during summers. Soft drink has been a part of our daily lives for a long time now with some consuming it round the clock. Soft drinks are nothing but
Jun 16, 2017

5 reasons why the US Weight Loss Market is Shrinking

For years, the US has been battling with concerns over obesity and overweight, with over 68.8% of its adult population falling under ‘overweight or obese’ category. However, increase in health consciousness and awareness has encouraged 77% of Americans to opt for a healthier lifestyle and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) remedies for


According to a report from the Department of Pharmaceutical, under Government of India (GOI) the domestic market for pharma products stands at $12.26 billion by the end of 2012. The same is expected to cross a whopping $49 billion mark by 2020. The growth of pharmaceuticals in India started

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how?

Being too SWEET is killing you…Know how? Diabetes for sure is carrying a war against mankind globally. Recent research works on the ailment has bought out few hard hitting facts and figures which will actually uncover the dangerous future that awaits us. According to reports, around 135 amputation surgeries

World Wound Management Industry to be worth $4.4 billion by 2018

UK is the current global leader in the industry with upgraded technologies Wound management most of the times has been a minority industry as it is only considered during accidents and emergencies. However, with the medical technologies growing to different levels things for the segment seems to change in

Medical Laser System Industry to touch $2 bn by 2018

Global aging population driving medical laser technology industry Our earth has crossed the 7 billion population mark this year and it is growing beyond with technologies, developments and problems. Previously treating health disorders were a big challenge, sufferers from a huge list of ailments had a very thin chance

Gulf nations to spend $12 billion on Pharmaceuticals by 2020

Saudi Arabia holds 59% of the total Pharma market in the Gulf According to a leading private healthcare technology company in Gulf, Saudi Arabia will retain its leading position at least for the next half a decade. The Islamic state holds around 59% of the entire pharmaceutical market and