Almost all Fortune 500 companies have no Pre-Planning of any kind One would be deeply surprised to know that not a single (NOT EVEN ONE) of the fortune 500 companies was started with a business plan. We keep hearing the importance of a business plan and the preparations required
Aug 17, 2015

HP entering the 3D printing in full force, plans to turn printing faster…much faster

It was early last year that Meg Whiteman the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) disclosed to shareholders that the company is eyeing to enter the 3 dimension (3D) printing segment. Following the declaration, there were speculations about the timing and the newness that the tech company is trying to introduce.
Jun 12, 2015

LAPTOPS- Exploring the Channels of Growth

The world on my lap Since the dawn of new of the technological era, there has always been an effort to make everything more compact and portable. Devices which you can carry anywhere and use them according to your convenience. Gadgets those are totally cordless and free from the
Mar 31, 2014