World’s Largest Milk Producing Country Celebrates it’s Milkman’s Birthday

India celebrates National Milk Day on Dr.Verghese Kurian’s Birthday 26th November, this day is special for the Indian dairy industry as it is the birthday of its founder Dr. Verghese Kurian-also kindly addressed as the “milkman of India”. He was the one who idolized the development of the dairy

India, USA and China Lead the Production of Milk

Milk contains essential nutrients required for the body. It is full of calcium, protein, vitamin D, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B12 and a balance of other nutrients that helps to build your bones and teeth as well as promote the healthy function of your muscles and blood vessels. Starting your
Oct 12, 2012

Smart Farming with Automated Feeding Systems

For a very long time, food and farming used to rely on the 20th century technology. However, things are now changing with the adoption of new and sophisticated technologies like geo-positioning systems, sensors and robotics being used by farmers to better manage their farmlands and animals. Besides harvesting various
Feb 1, 2019

World Chocolate Day – Sinfully Pure Happiness

Be whatever the season, the thought of chocolate itself makes us licking our lips in eagerness of the sweetest day of the year. World’s Chocolate Day – sometimes called International Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7. As some chocolate lovers plan to celebrate Chocolate Week in style, we would
Jul 6, 2018

Cheese Manufacturing in the USA – Recent Insights

What is Wisconsin famous for? Well, citizens of the US or the ones who have been to the place would instantly shout out a word-CHEESE. The iconic state in America is known for its repeated record cheese production capacity. Talking of cheese manufacturing in America, the production is booming

Chennai Deluge to cost Rs.15,000 crores-ASSOCHAM

One of the important South Indian cities is submerged in rain water flooding and the news for more than a month now. Issues mushrooming due to the immutable wild downpour are many-loss of lives around 300 dead, homeless struggles, hunger and unavailability of essentials are primary ones. Damage to
Dec 4, 2015

Indian Chocolate Industry growth to INR 122 bn by 2019

Indian markets seriously seem to run on the success path off late, especially after the power shift things look like they are changing this time it’s to the healthier side. The economy is growing as the trades flourish and there is business from all parts of the globe. Eatables

Maggi finally to be back, Nestle India planning a BIG RELAUNCH

The ban and recall of Maggi 2-minutes noodle is a well-known happening that has even turned into a subject of case study to handle crisis .However, after a massive loss of $67.42 million and all the legal processes in the Indian courts of law, the product is finally about

World Soy Food Market to reach $ 42.3 billion by 2015

India produces 4% of the total global soy production Soy food commonly known as Soybeans is a rich source for high level energy as they are the topmost suppliers of Protein. There is a huge population around the globe taking this nutrient on a daily basis especially its demand

Middle East Dairy consumption grows by 50% in just 5 years

GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) names Saudi Arabia as the largest dairy market Production of dairy products is growing at a brisk rate and it is happening on a constant basis. Countries irrespective of their economic status –developed or developing kinds are paying strict attention to the investments and consumptions