Reliance Jio: The Game Changer Telecom Company of India

Developments have been piling up in the form of news in national media since the historic launch of Reliance Jio Infocomm. The kick-starter which was an event unlike any other is followed up by striving work schedules which is happening round the clock. The management is running at high


1 hotspot for every 20 users around the world will come up by 2018 Latest research studies under the telecom business in India have bought in fresh insights, the industry is all set to achieve twofold rise in its subscribers, according to the report on “Indian Telecom Service Market

Now Google Plans to enter the telecom sector, in talks with operators

The global telecom industry may see a massive explosive change in a few months from now if the grapevine is to be trusted. There are unconfirmed reports that GOOGLE is planning to enter the telecom industry on a global platform and for the same there are attempts of discussion

2014 a Milestone Year for Middle East Telecom Industry

Iran is the largest mobile market in terms of subscription Soon after touching the 200 million mark in mobile subscription, the Middle East region is now peaking to cross the 300 million. The sector as per the experts of the industry is likely to cross the mark by the

TRC Takes the Charge to Regulate the Full-Fedged Telecom Sector in Cambodia

Despite its position as at least developed nation and staying one of the lesser nations in South East Asia, Cambodia’s initiatives to flourish and update its telecommunications facilities are keeping fruit. There was very little facilities staying from before the tumultuous Khmer Vermeil days. As a result, Cambodia side

Mobile Segment Estimated to Penetrate 33% in the Malawai Telecom Sector by 2013

Malawi is one of the globe’s least western nations, but its economic system is growing at between 4% and 5% per year. Cellular transmission is less than half the Africa average, which means there is brilliant development potential once the industry goes beyond the duopoly organized by Bharti Airtel
Oct 30, 2012

Cambodia – Telecoms, Mobile, Internet & Forecasts

Despite its position as a least developed nation and staying as one of the lesser nations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s initiatives to develop and update its telecommunications facilities are bearing fruit. There were very little facilities available before the tumultuous Khmer Vermeil days. As a result, Cambodia side stepped
Oct 27, 2012

Japan – Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecast

Telecoms providers face a coming of age, slam up projects to counter risks by OTT opponents / alliesJapan goes into the following several years faced with growing public changes and difficulties. Multiplied globalisation recognizes the increasing impact of growing countries in the international community and the economy. This is

Australia Telecoms – International Networks

Australia telecoms infrastructure is advanced and comprehensive, comprising the large island region and expands across the Tasman and into Asia. It is these worldwide improvements, including backbones across the Tasman Sea and to Asia and the USA, both underwater satellite and wire based, that this report covers. By 2008,
Oct 26, 2012

COVID-19 Impact – Global Economy Pays the Price

Today while sitting at home during the lockdown period, the only news doing the rounds of every television channel or newspaper is about the Coronavirus. The deadly virus also known as COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV, continues to hog the limelight since it was discovered at the start of this unfortunate
May 15, 2020