Advantages of Mobile Advertising

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Mobile Advertising is fairly young with its introduction in 1994, several years after the cell phones were commercialised for masses. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the first known form of mobile advertising. Mobile advertisement has since then thrived and grown at an exponential rate. The introduction of smart phones further aided it. Tools like texts, audio, video, banners, pop-up ads, interactive ads etc are all part of mobile advertising now.

Mobile advertisement has advanced significantly more than traditional mediums. Giants such as Google and Facebook can tailor advertisements to an individuals tastes and preferences. The aforementioned is made possible by an individuals browsing habits, location and data accumulated by their buying habits. Advertisers today are adopting digital advertising, more specifically, mobile at a rapid rate owing to the edge it provides. Some of the advantages of using mobile advertisements are :

  • Cost Effective - Mobile advertising is more cost efficient than its traditional counterparts. It saves money which would otherwise be spent on physical assets such as in print and outdoor advertising. It has also proven to be more effective than other mediums as well.
  • Reaches Target Audience - Mobile users today have their phones with them at all times. Mobile advertisements take the advantage of this, reach the desired audience and grab their attention, making it fruitful for the advertiser. This attention can sometimes also lead to free publicity by the user which only further benefits the product/service advertised.
  • Consumer Database - Consumers who consent to receiving ads and its notifications essentially provide their data to the advertiser, aiding them in customer retention. Acting on this consolidated database and providing deals and discounts to the based on the same can help the advertiser to gain loyal customers, aiding consumer retention.
  • Time and Location - Ads on mobile don’t rely on a particular time or location. As mobiles are used as a necessity by the user 24/7. Ads can reach them at any point of time in the day no matter their location. Mobile advertising eliminates the hurdle of time and location present in other forms of advertising.
  • Personal and Intimate - As mentioned before, a user mostly carries his/her mobile virtually everywhere which makes it a very personal and intimate belonging to them. Hence, a consumer is likely to pay more heed to an advertisement that appears on their phones compared to other mediums.
  • The Growth - Mobile advertising made $80 billion of the global advertising in 2016. It shows no sign of stopping with 31% growth predicted in 2017. 71% of the internet consumption in 2017 is estimated to be on mobile.

The above points tell us how influential and necessary mobile advertising has become for advertisers. More switch to the mobile advertising bandwagon every day. Its onwards and upwards for mobile advertising and those who wish to tap into it.

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