Booking a vacation in today’s time is an easy task. It actually takes three steps to book your dream vacation.

  1. Open your favourite online travel booking sites.
  2. Do a bit of research to know which website or company is offering you the best deal.
  3. Proceed to payment. After all the necessary procedure is done you can relax and start packing for your trip.

TRAVEL-AGENTS-DEVIL-IN-DISGUISEOr the next best thing to do is contact your nearby travel agent who would design your itinerary according to your demands. Technology has made everything so easy, but still there are people who book their vacations through agents. Travel agents were the only source of booking your tickets or vacation before virtual websites came into picture. These agents would be guide, advisors for their clients. Want to book a vacation? Visit your nearby travel agent and consider it to be done. Even today a lot of us still prefer to go to our trusted old travel agent to book our tickets. The question that rises here is how trusted are these travel agent. While booking a ticket virtually you get details of your expenses and taxes in front of you, but do you get same level of transparency from your agents? Or moreover do you still need them to do your booking.

Don’t let the travel scam or fraud travel agent ruin your next vacation plan


Following are few secrets that we reveal of travel agents worldwide; and which would help your further vacation planning:

  1. Travel Agents take commission:

Yes, we do. If time and again we are suggesting the same hotel or airlines then be rest assured that they are paying us to recommend them. Most of the hotels, tour and travel services in India and around have tie ups with agents. The more they recommend, the more they get commissions. Even if it is not necessarily be the best bargain. Be it an online travel website or your agent everyone takes commission. This business unfortunately doesn’t work on salary basis. To cover their cost most of the recommendations are based on commission.

  1. Agents also make mistakes.

Always check your dates, time of your flight, train and reservation of your hotels before leaving for your trip. Sometimes during rush or in confusion agents have messed up with flight timings, hotel reservations or itinerary. So next time before leaving for your trip, make sure your itinerary is according to your request.

  1. When a simple trip turns extravagant.

Does it always happen to you that your vacation has turned into nightmare because of the cost?

Agents all over begin with asking your budget, this not only helps them to know their clients choice of accommodation and airlines, but also to see how much room they have for increasing their prices. They have been dealing with clients for a very long time; they often recognize clients who would give in to fancy trips even if it would make a hole in their pockets.

  1. Agents haven’t seen or gone to most places we recommend.

Yes that’s a fact. In recent survey it shows clearly that most of the travel agents haven’t visited or worse know about places they vouch for. So next time your agents starts explaining how beautiful the spot or resort is, take some time to research on the net to see what you’re actually paying for.

  1. Agents don’t like tech savvy clients:

Travel Agents don’t like clients coming in and explaining the different deal available online. Agents now-a-days spend a lot of time online to know about the deals and offers and prices of tickets. They prefer people who have not done the research; they are easily gullible to their plans. Businessmen and first timers are their favourite. Businessmen usually have a lot of disposable income which is known by agents and is used for their benefit.

  1. Not every agent is reliable, they can be fraud:

Most of the travel agencies are on the verge of shutting down. With many online travel agencies coming in market; people prefer to book through websites. Be careful with whom you are investing, otherwise the next thing you know is that they have shut their business and are off with your money.

  1. We always suggest places, resorts and flights who pay us more commission:

Ever wondered why most of the agents always recommend the same resorts, flights or place to visit time and again. The reason being very simple they pay us more commission than the rest. Agents always book to companies that pay them more commission.

For example if ‘A’ airline is offering a 5 per cent commission on each airfare, and ‘B’ airline has a 12 per cent commission attached to fares on the same route but with horrible connection times be rest assured of their choice.

  1. Agents never reveal our trade tricks to clients.

Agents worldwide know the days when you get the cheapest flight tickets or the season when you will find the best hotel cheaper. But this information is never revealed to the clients. So the next time your agent assures you of the best deal, it is better to cross check.

  1. Agents charge for services:

Travel agents not only get commission from hotels and other companies but they also charge for the services they provide. These charges are never on your bill, but it’s coupled with accommodation or airfare expenditure. They have the freedom to charge extra fees to gain fair margin profit which could be few hundreds or thousands. So be ready to pay extra for the time and energy they put to book your vacation.

  1. Agents aren’t required for single bookings:

Going to travel agents for single booking is not recommended, instead book directly through travel websites. Not only you pay agents for their services, you often miss good deals offered by company. But in case of bulk bookings, agents provide good deals.

  1. You don’t need Agents:


Yeah it’s true. With new and better online travel companies coming up every day, there is no room for travel agents. From having a 360 degree view of your room or resort to selecting your preferred meal beforehand anything is possible. All you need to do is a bit of surfing in order to know new concepts in travelling like eco-tourism and then you can book by yourself.

Not all travel agents are fraud or they are trying to loot you, but because of recession, rise in online sites most of the agencies are in the verge of shutting down. But like every industry even they have their secrets. So the next time you’re booking your vacation just be careful and to use these points for your benefits, and don’t underestimate your trusted old agents, they have been in this business for long and sometimes you might end up getting the best vacation of your life. Till then Bon Voyage!