Ceiling Fans Market- Rotating its Growth Structure


Ceiling Fan

Feel the Breeze!!

Ceiling fans are the most common household appliance of all households. A mechanical rotating device, attached with three to five blades suspended from the ceiling circulating air within the room. It cools people efficaciously by introducing slow movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a room, inducing evaporative cooling. They never actually cool the air, unlike air-conditions, but use significantly less power.Be it in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, these appliances are used everywhere.

This home appliance comes in various shapes, designs, colors and shades. The entire fan mechanism consists of an electric motor, metal arms, called blade irons which hold the blades and connects them to the motor. Their speed and RPM can be controlled by speed regulator by which you can increase or decrease its speed.  Most of them are plain in pattern, but there are fancy ceiling fan available too. They come with attached decorative lights to it which turns on along with the fan or by a pull switch. Unlike the regular fans, they are mainly fitted for matching with interior decoration and do not rotate at a high speed. Designer fans with various prints are also available in the market.

The small sized fans are generally fitted in the kitchen. There are several companies in the Indian fan market. Crompton greaves, Havells, Orient, Bajaj, Khaitan are some of the key companies. The Indian fan industry main thrives on the domestic demand apart from the exports it has. As India is a tropical nation, thus fans are necessary.

Hence the Fan industry in India is well-established and has developed considerably over the years. Its market is estimated at 2.5 million fans per month and it is growing at about 10% annually. India has numerous manufacturing plants located all across the country and manufacturing world class fans. As a matter of fact the export of fans from India has multiplied in the last few years and is a witness to the quality and development of the Indian fan Industry. The fan industry of India has taken noteworthy steps to guarantee consumer satisfaction and leading brands not only provide good quality products, but also back this up with an excellent after-sales service.