Comprehensive study of the Global Mobile Applications Industry up to 2017



Couple of blogs ago I covered the status of mobile applications within India, it was a detailed version on how the e commerce business fueling the mobile app revenues. Today I have prepared to go global on the same subject. Having a mobile application of own is no more a technological advantage; it’s a necessity. There are business units which exists just on their mobile app as the days of direct selling have gone by. By the end of this blog everyone of us would have a clear idea of how important is it to maintain a mobile application? How it helps in expansion of business and other merits related to it. Simply put, you will be more than convinced to have an app if you haven’t had one yet.

By the end of 2015, the count of smart phones sold will double the number of personal computers (PCs) according to University of Alabama.

Let’s now go through important facts and figures with regards to global mobile application industry which is growing bigger with every passing day.

Around 1 billion smart phones handsets are projected to be sold by 2015, around 91% of the population is the US (world’s most developed country) use a cell phone everyday. 61% of these users have a smart phone.

There will over 10 billion mobile connected devices by the end of 2016 worldwide. The mobile Internet industry is likely to have a good penetration rate which is expected to go beyond the speculations. There will be 1.4 device per person on an average in a world of about 7.3 billion people.

Several operating systems are fighting a stiff competition especially under the mobile application version. This is more likely to grow as Android and iPhone led the pack with 28% and 25% market space according to May-2013 stats.

This was a 15% rise for iPhone and 13% premium for Android compared to May-2011.

Market research studies on mobile application section has shown that half of the US population have access to applications on their phones.

The use of mobile apps indicated a 31% growth by the end of 2012, wherein by 2013; 68 of every batch of 100 reported that they actually used the apps. 57% confessed that they used the application on an everyday basis, 51% utilize the apps at least once in 7 days. 24% of these users use one of the apps at least for 30 minutes or more in a day.

31% of the above stated users said that they used 6 or more applications on their smart phones weekly.

Drilling deeper, it is found that users between the age group of 25-34 years are most users of mobile apps, they make use of about 30 applications (29.5 to be exact) and spend more than 35 hours in a month. In comparison an average app user utilizes 26.8 apps per month and invests 30 hours 15 minutes every month.


Now to the downloading race:

According to #Facebook, 59% of their current revenues come from mobile advertising


According to the study, there will be more than 268 billion downloads recorded by the end of 2017. This will upgrade the industry and grow it revenue to $77 billion.

46% of the users declared that they have paid for an app, 52% of them said that the highest they have shelled out is $5 or less per application. There is a smaller size of payers (17%) who don’t mind paying as much as $20 or more for an app.

Most likely payers for Mobile Apps:

Gender wise, men are paying more for a mobile app as compared to women. People residing in urban regions of the world and in their 30’s (30 years old and above) use a paid version of an app. High earning households are major participants of purchasing a mobile application.

Top Mobile Applications-Which Industry do they belong to?

Search engine portals and social media websites are maximum used through mobile apps, they account to about 11 hours. Entertainment and related apps come second in the list with a little less than 11 hours of consumption. Communication and Productivity tools rank 3rd and 4th with 3 and 2 hours of duration respectively.

It’s a shocker to know that e-commerce still has a long way to cover as globally its apps are used for a little above 1 hour duration on an average.

Take it as a job?

Application developer is one of the hottest job profiles in terms of occupation around the globe. It follows the popularity of data scientists and have a great salary growth. The pay for the profile in USA in the year 2013 was averaged between $93,000-134,000 and it jumped to $100,000-145.000 in 2014.

This has further raised to $102,000 for the experienced candidates in technically developed regions.