Dental Implant Industry Growing in Asia and Beyond


Dental ImplantIndia and China hold major markets for dental care industry

Dental care is an integral part of health care. Most people do not pay the required attention to their oral health and face problems like tooth ache, gums ache/bleeding and breathe odor problems. All this result in a profit making dental industry that is doing well all round the globe. Both advanced and developing countries are striving hard on acquiring advanced technologies in the dental treatment processes. Factors like growth in old-age population rise in cosmetic dentistry and increasing awareness and demand for dental/oral health in most of the countries are bringing in positive trends for the industry.

Talking about the growing global dental care industry, it was valued at an impressive worth of $ 6.401.5 mn (million) by the end of 2013 and a growing CAGR of 7.3% is estimated for the periods from 2013-2018. The global dental care industry is growing its business by depending on the developing countries where the demand for these services is seeing a rocketing increase. The dental implant segment is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% for the annual of 2014.People are more conscious about their dental appearance as the present generation is aware of the advanced technologies that have come up in the treating processes. China and India possess massive growth potentials as they particularly speed up the industry’s growth. As per a market research, these regions are predicted to climb a worth of $ 400 mn by the finish of 2017.

Further, the Brazilian dental care industry is expected to achieve a double digit growth for the future years; making it another prominent emerging destination for the industry.

Europe ranks as the largest market for dental implant industry holding a commanding share of 42% of the world wide business. The European market is predicted to be a massive worth of $ 3.2 billion. This market is projected a growth rate of 20% in the next 5 years. The North American region follows the list and it is followed by markets from Korea and Japan. As mentioned above, Asian giants India and China dental markets play a vital role in increasing the business of dental implant segment, in turn they are also ought to enhance the markets for dental biomaterials and bio-crafts substitutes. Their usage levels are expected to grow in up to 4, 00,000 procedures combined in both these countries.

Low cost labor and de-regulation of the dental care services in these countries are cited as reasons for the growth of the segment. Due to the cost-efficiency in the processes due to the cheap labor; there is a notable increase in the dental tourism generated from all over the globe, mainly from Japan, Korea and Australia.

Companies manufacturing these dental care products or providing relative services are growing in their numbers. All the Asian dental markets are flooded with foreign manufacturers such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Dentsply-Friadent brining in new products. Innovative products like SLActive dental implant surface technology and the Bone Level implant have grossed the markets of the South Eastern-Asian regions and China booking smiley profits.