Eco Tourism – Rejuvenating the Tourism Industry

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Resort in the Lap of Nature

Many times the hectic urban lifestyle of our cities and town turns us off in a huge way. The massive traffic jams, the crowd in the train and buses, the pollution all around, the deafening sound of the vehicles and industries makes us go insane at times. The mere thought of stepping outside the home gives an irritating feeling. But sometimes you don’t get respite from it even when you are at home. On such occasions you wish that only if I can get out of this place and escape to a place where I can breathe some fresh air, feel the greenery around me, and stay in a serene and silent atmosphere.  Eco-tourism is the avenue which avails you the gateway to the places close to nature, relish the natural flora and fauna of the region and experiences its biological beauty. Places far away from the urban chaos. Hills stations, forest resorts, beach resorts are some of the examples of places for Eco tourism.


Eco tourism has developed in India quite significantly in the recent span of years. As holidaying and travelling is also a fad among the Indian people, this sector avails the opportunity for the tourists to travel and stay at such places where there is a very minimal or no presence of urbanization. Hilly spots like Shimla, Manali and Mussoorie are the most popular destination for the travelers opting for hilly regions. The mountain regions provide a perfect calm and peaceful ambiance. It refreshes you like no other thing in the world. Summer time is most preferable for visiting the hills, but winter is the period when it unlocks its true beauty by the snowfalls. People who love watching animals and birds can choose from a number of national parks all around the country. Corbett Tiger Park, Rantambore, Sariska and Chilka Lake are the spot for these people. Some of the parks, even have camping and lodging facility within the forest so you can enjoy the wilderness of the jungle in a more intense way.

Beaches like Goa, Puri and Mahabalipuram are among the favorite locations of the tourists. The sea shores and beach resorts offer a wonderful unwinding atmosphere for the travelers. The backwaters of Kerela are also becoming a popular tourist attraction for both domestic as well as foreign tourists.  Along with this adventure tourism like white water rafting, mountaineering and trekking are a popular form of eco-tourism. Leh – ladakh and Himalayan white water rafting give the adventure loving travelers, the chance to fulfill their zeal of action packed exploration.

The tourism industry is promoting eco-tourism extensively. Not only are the domestic travelers, the international tourists also are very much attracted to the rich flora and fauna of the Indian region. As many people today are choosing these kinds of places for their holiday, the market share of eco-tourism has ascended in the recent years. Hotels and resorts falling in these sectors are strategizing their rates and tariffs so that they can attract more and more customers towards them. Traveling companies are offering a good amount of discount and package tour offers for the eco-tourist areas.  Vacation periods like summer vacations, Diwali and Christmas are the seasons when this industry witnesses a massive inflow of tourist and the hotels runs to packed houses. Travel agents and holiday resorts are flooded with inquiries and reservations. The state governments as well as the center is lending its full support to the growth of eco-tourism and with this continuous trend, Eco-tourism in India is set to see new heights.

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