Emergency Medical Needs Get the Saudi Arabia Air Ambulance Market to Soar

Posted in Healthcare Services by Adolf on Oct 27,2021 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited countries in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), with the religious tourism being the key facilitator of traveller flows. Also as one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East, the country is changing into a global hub for travel and tourism. During the period of Hajj, which is the Islamic pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, there are approximately 4 million pilgrims each year who visit the holy city of Mecca to perform their religious duties.

To effectively control the crowd and oversee any casualties that may occur due to overcrowding or a stampede, the government with the help of their municipal corporation has developed an active crowd management system using analytics and operations research. Following the evaluations, this has further led to improved infrastructure, enhanced public transport facilities and healthcare services.

While discussing about the healthcare services, the country’s humanitarian society known as the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA), have started the first air ambulance service in Saudi Arabia. The authority is responsible for providing emergency medical support, relief work and conducting various health awareness programs. Taking the emergency situation into account and to avoid congested roadways, the air ambulance service plays a pivotal role in giving on-the-spot first aid and transport critically injured people to the nearest medical facilities in a much lesser time, thus saving lives. With a wide variety of services available on-board to handle emergency cases, there are doctors and paramedics specially trained for the air ambulance. 

Defining the Saudi Arabia Air Ambulance Market

Air ambulances are the aircrafts, airbuses and helicopters that are installed with the medical devices and supplies required for the transportation of the patient from one healthcare unit or home to another healthcare unit most probably hospitals for the better healthcare facilities or simply for the transportation of the patient. Expanding medical tourism for the foreign nationals as well as country’s citizen to visit abroad for the medical attention is highly responsible for the growth of the Saudi Arabia air ambulances market in the forecast years until 2026.

Saudi Arabia air ambulance market is bound to experience impressive growth with double digit CAGR in the forecast period, 2022-2026, on the account of increasing demand for the efficient air travel for medical purposes. Increasing number of market players providing the medical tourism and air ambulances are effectively driving the growth of the Saudi Arabia air ambulance market in the upcoming 5 years. Moreover, increasing instances of trauma, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases is also anticipated to support the growth of the Saudi Arabia air ambulance market.

Advancing healthcare industry in the country is substantiating the growth of the market in the future 5 years of the forecast. Additionally, the air ambulances available in the current market are completely incorporated with the latest technologically advanced medical devices that are portable and require bare minimum operatives. Surging number of emergency responders in the air ambulances is further aiding the growth of the Saudi Arabia air ambulance market in the forecast period.

The Saudi Arabia air ambulance market is segmented by type, ownership, service, regional distribution and competitional analysis. Based on type, the market is further divided between fixed wing and rotary wing air ambulances. Rotary wing air ambulances is anticipated to hold the largest revenue shares of the market and dominate the market segment in the upcoming five years on the account of ease of accessibility. Rotary wing air ambulances are the helicopters that are incorporated with all the emergency and transport necessary medical devices, equipment, patient bed, and supplies such that these ambulances can be comfortably landed on a broad rooftop, or wide enough parking lots for the emergency transfer of the patient. 

Furthermore, increasing development of the helicopters by key manufacturers dedicated to providing the healthcare services is expected to substantiate the future growth of the Saudi Arabia air ambulance market in the next 5 years. The fixed wing air ambulances is expected to register a significant growth in the upcoming 5 years on the account of wide range of services provided by fixed wing aircrafts and airbuses such as aero-medical transportation, medical escort services, repatriation, and critical care patient transfer.

A partial list of market player in the Saudi Arabia air ambulance market includes Saudi Air Ambulance (Saudi Red Crescent Authority), Fakeeh International, Alpha Star Air Ambulance, Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc., Plures Air, Global Air Rescue, Human Care Air Ambulance, IAS Medical, among others.

These market players hold larger shares of the market than the other market players. With the evolving technology, it is appropriate to say that the effective research and development of the technologically advanced instruments and methods to satisfy consumer demands would support the market growth and benefit the market players as well as the consumers. New market players may focus on the research and development to provide such products and services that satisfies the consumer demand as well as benefits the market players in building their brand value. Other competitive strategies include mergers & acquisitions and new product developments.


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